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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Words, please

This week has seen an dramatic increase to Bugs word bank!  She is changing by leaps and bounds.  Everyday we are delighted with what she learns. 

Adding to her signing vocabulary is slowing down because she has started saying WORDS!!  She has been saying "cup" as well as singing it but now she has added the words "please", "hot", "bite", "hot dog-ho gog", "go", and "no"!  Can you believe all the words she is saying?  Oh, she also says "owie"!  We think she has been trying to say our youngests name but it isn't quite clear yet. 

Physically she is trying to jump with both feet but isn't quite making it yet.  She is running more and with more coordination.  She is playing hide and seek and laughing a ton. 

How lucky are we to have this little girl in our family. 

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