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Monday, January 20, 2014

Soccer, Why do You do This?

Bethany was playing indoor soccer with a great team. They lost every game but improved so much they didn't look like the same team at the end of the season. AND the girls were so positive and kept their heads up even though they lost. They learned something at every game and gave 110% every time.

But...Bethany was finally able to play after her injury during the fall of AYSO and was enjoying it pretty well when a girl kicked Beth from behind and caused her to roll her ankle.

It immediately started swelling and bruising. It didn't look good. And of course the game was at 10pm so the only option was the emergency room. Not gonna happen unless there is blood or a limb is hanging on by a thread. Sorry.

We iced it and took her home. It got worse. It got bigger. And uglier. I was worried.

We waited until Monday when we could see our doctor. The soccer season was getting ready to start in a few weeks and she needed to be ready for it. But it didn't look like that was going to happen.

Thankfully the doctor told us it was just a bad sprain\strain. She would be fine would have to stay off of it for several weeks.

You can imagine the groaning and gnashing of teeth that took place when he said that! We are counting our blessings though and not going to complain...much!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

This post will probably turn into a few because I just can't put into words what I am feeling.

Bethany turned 16 this year.  Sixteen is a big one, right?  We wanted to do something special for her so Steven and I decided to take her to see Sporting Kansas City play.  She loves that team, so do I, and it would mean a lot to her.  But that didn't seem like enough.

So, in December we threw her a surprise party.  Not a big one.  Just a small one that had the people she loves most in attendance.  The weather was yucky so some couldn't come but the ones that did made it very special.  

I was charged with keeping her occupied while the rest of the fam got the room ready and people ushered in.  My job was pretty easy except when it was time to go she didn't want to!   And I had to keep her dressed up for the party-something she doesn't like very much.  I did it though and we made it to the party without her suspecting anything.  

I told her I had to go get Sarah's Bible that she left at church and when we got in there the doors were closed but we could hear people.  Bethany freaked out!  She thought we were going to get in trouble or set off an alarm.  I almost didn't get her in the party room!  She finally came in though to a huge surprise.  Her best friend was there and families that she treasures.  We ate cake, messed around and then the best part.  We had a time of prayer/blessing over her.  Each person prayed a blessing over her and it was one of the most touching and memorable times I remember.  We also had a blessing book that each person wrote in for her.  I hope to have more people write in it over the years for her.

It was a special day that I hope she will always remember.  She is an amazing young woman...that's all I can say right now.  I'm crying too hard to see the keys!  What a treasure God has given me.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sets, Sets, Sets

This year for our play with our homeschool group we are using sets.  Sounds exciting, right?  It should be only we can't find any already made that we can use.  They won't fit our needs or they won't fit the stage.  Since we have 33 kids in the play this year it makes for a crowded stage.  Yeah, you read that right.  Last year we only had around twenty-something and the year before just 18.  It's cool that so many wanted to do it but it is a lot of bodies to keep focused.

Anyway, back to the sets.  The play we are doing lies heavily on entrances, exits, and certain doorways being there so we had to design them.  Okay, I did but with hep from the script and my co-director.  Once we got the plans drawn I went to Mr. Magic, a.k.a. Steven, and asked him to help build them.  He's pretty handy and is used to interpreting my ideas!  This time, however, proved a challenge.

The stage was such that we had to alter the plans a bit and make it fit-not perfectly but just okay.  We had a small budget to buy supplies but that meant we had to get the cheapest 2x4's they sold and work around their imperfections.  

It was a work in progress, let me tell you.  IN all we probably spent on the upside of 20 hours building, repairing, and reworking them.  It was a bit frustrating but we did it!  The next set we build will be...ahh who am I kidding?  It will be just as hard and we will spend just as much time on it!  It's a good thing we work so well together.  ;-)

Yes, these are all of Bethany and Steven working because when he and I were working there was no one to take pictures!  I hope I got some of the finished project.  They were simple but worked really well.

Friday, January 3, 2014


Christmas this year was low-key.  I mean seriously really, really low-key.  So much so that I didn't even get pictures.  I kind of feel like a bad mom about that one but there it is.  We did homemade gifts for Steven's family and some homemade gifts for my side(only because I waited until the last minute for some)

But, for the girls we bought gifts.  They each got two or three things depending on what their gifts were.  Pajamas, of course!  And then something else they really wanted.  Steven and I exchanged gifts but he completely outdid himself.  I got a new mixer for the kitchen.  I couldn't believe it.  I have always wanted one and he remembered.  What a great guy!

We did have to alter our traditions a little because we were travelling to my sisters house for the day but it all worked out just great.  David was home, everyone was healthy, and we had amazing food!

This year Steven's side had Christmas on New Years and we got to have Bug with us!  All the cousins were so excited for her to be there(everyone else too!) and share Christmas with her.  It was pretty amazing.

Steven took off his traditional week between the two holidays and because of spacing he actually got more days than just the week.  We worked on projects, went on dates, slept in, watched get the idea.  It was awesome!