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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My straight laced daughter!!!

This is our 9yodd. Usually she is very sedate and does not like to be in the spotlight. She danced like this for about 3hours!! I put the camera on the table and pretended not to be taping her! This is too precious of a moment not to have taped it!

Our new house!

This is the house we are moving into in a few weeks. Isn't it beautiful? Notice the green stuff in the front yard? It's called grass and it is all over the front AND back yards!!! LOL At our current house we have stickers, sticker, and more stickers. We have already gone over and walked around barefoot! WOOHOO!! It has everything we have ever wanted in it. It has a schoolroom and room to grow! It has a wonderfully large kitchen with two pantries and tons of cabinet space. What a blessing this house is and we have already agreed to use it to host the people who help out with our camp for get togethers! I can't wait to see what God does through us in this house!

This is our Monarch butterfly that we found as a chrysalis and watched it hatch! It was so much fun for the kids. We waited for two hours while he tried to get out!

He finally got out and flew away. It was truly beautiful!

Crazy Busy!

I am knee deep-literally-in boxes and papers! We are in the process of moving. We close on the 13th of September and we move the weekend before! I don't have a lot of time to get everything done and dh has been on jury duty all last week and part of this coming week. Plus all of the other stuff we have going on right now. I am still trying to find time to post about everything that has been going on and get some pictures posted. LOL We will see when that happens!!

For now, back to packing!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

So much to say...

I haven't posted in a while because I am still processing everything that happened at Royal Family Kids Camp and life decided not to wait while I recovered! Camp was WONDERFUL! As always. It is a camp for Foster Kids. Some things happened at the beginning that made it very challenging; but, we figured it out and things went pretty smoothly. We did end up having an intestinal bug move throughout our cabin so that 6 of 9 people were sick off and on all week. It made it very interesting going into the bathroom stalls! We would go into the stall and find little 'gifts' floating and waiting for us to discover! Eventually during the week, we discovered a pair of panties in the toilet with a gift! We later discovered an extra special 'gift' for us when we tried to fix the toilet. When we opened the tank lid, we discovered a floating 'gift' for us there. We really aren't sure how it got there; but, we are pretty sure that someone had to have put it there. Then when we got back to our rooms on another night I was checking my bed for spiders and lo and behold-a wet spot!! Someone had let a girl sit on my bed to get her toenails done and she couldn't wait I guess. So in the middle of the night we are waking people up asking for extra bedding! We laughed until almost 2am about it. We also had one of the counselors in my room have a positive TB test while we were at camp! Then on Friday, I found a tick on my stomach. I PANICKED and just pulled it out and the head was stuck in there. SO, I had to go to the nurse's station and she had to dig around in there to get the head out. OUCH!

There are so many more things that happened on a personal level with the kids that there is just not enough room to write them. One instance though that is typical is this: One of the boys was asking a staff member if they had any pets and she said that they had had a few the last of which was a dog that they got rid of because it bit the baby. This precious little boy looked up and said that if it had been his mom, she would have gotten rid of him. And she did.

These kids are soo special. I cannot believe that I get to do this each year!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ethics 101

The Thursday before we went to camp we went to a movie for family night. Now, we have a theatre that shows the movies that are just about to go to video and so they only charge $2 a ticket. We love this theatre!! It is a lot cheaper for the tickets, however the snacks are still INCREDIBLY expensive. Sooo, we bring our own snacks that we buy at Wal-Mart. Our children have never said anything because doing it this way we get much more of a selection and then we can buy 2 drinks at the theatre. It has always worked out great until, our 8yodd asked us this particular evening if we were supposed to be bringing in our own snacks. I was honest and said "No, but..." I thoroughly explained that if we did not do this we could not get snacks and maybe not go to the theatre sometimes. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, "It's still wrong though, isn't it?"

Now why did she have to go and be my conscience and all that? I will never be able to go to the theatre again and feel comfortable with bringing my own snacks. I really hate it when my kids actually listen to what I said and then bring it up to me later!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy Monday!!

Well, to start off my Monday it is the first day of our school year and I have to go to the Dr. to be tested for Lyme disease and TB. It is a VERY long story; but, I had a tick on me for about two days at camp and on Friday we discovered that my co-counselor had a positive test for TB. WOOHOO!!! So, now I get to have the tests done-I hate needles! I will have all four kids with me so let's hope that I don't pass out when they start poking me!! Wouldn't that be a site!

Anyway, I really will post about camp and all that has happened since my last post-just not today! Maybe I will post tonight and have another pity party while I rip off the bandaids!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We're Back!

Well, we are back from our week at Royal Family Kids Camp. It is a camp for foster kids and we get them for a week and teach them about Jesus and do lots of crafts and swim and just be kids. It is wonderful!

Before that, blogger thought that my blog was spam so I could not post!! They fixed it, so I will try and catch things up in a few days. For now, I am going back to bed to catch up on sleep!!