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Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Sweet Voice

My sister was here for the weekend and she got dd4 to do some really cute things with her voice. Thought I would share!

***Edited to add that I found this in the draft folder!  I can not believe how small Naomi was!!

How did I miss this...??

I am not sure how I even consider myself a blogger.  I just can't seem to keep it up in the last few years.  Lots of things are note worthy I can't seem to find the time or want to, to document them!

This one, however, is one that should have been documented.

On July 11, 2018 Kaelin asked Bethany to marry him!  We knew it was coming and had seen the ring(it was at our house!) and actually kept it a secret for way too long.  Keaelin took her to the spot where he first told her he loved her and got down on one knee.

We are thrilled and are in the knee-deep process of planning a wedding.  As of today, we have 55 days until February 22, 2019 and Beth will be a Terrell no more.

I am a little sad but a lot happy.  I can not wait to watch their marriage grow and to see what God does in their lives.


**All photos courtesy of the amazing Raylee Jo over at  If you are in the area, check her out.  We adore her!!