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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Whole Week?

Has a whole week gone by since I blogged? Wow! I guess a lot has gone on since then. Or maybe not. :)

Let me think...

I went to another library sale! Yes, another one. I found some wonderful books to use for school and some books that I bought just because they were old!

We celebrated a birthday with cousins.

Our refrigerator broke. Well, okay, it was just the ice and water in the door. But that is really important to us. :) It was leaking all over the kitchen floor. The carpet was soaked. Whe the dh went to turn the water off to the fridge, the handle broke off in his hands and water started pouring all over the storage froom floor. We found the main shut off valve for the water and fixed the handle/valve. We have not, however, fixed the valve on the refrigerator and we still don't have water or ice in the fridge. :(

We started week 12 in Tapestry of Grace. We are still loving it by the way!

We had soccer practices in the freezing cold. Seriously.

We went to a Pumpkin Patch for a field trip and froze our hinies off. I made the girls wear two shirts and they wore their heavy coats and they were still cold! We had fun and then got in the car and ate lunch on the way home!! Now I have pumpkins rotting on my front porch. :)

We had a virus in the house that I thought was strep. For two days our second oldest was either in bed or on the couch sleeping. It was not strep, I don't think.

We got out the long sleeve shirts, wore them and then got the short sleeves out again!

We went grocery shopping. That may not sound like a big deal; but, we hadn't gone shopping in over two weeks and we were down to nothing.

We went to the Fall Festival at our church. It was fun. They brought in a 'bird man' who runs a refuge for injured birds. He brought owls to show us. One of them flew right over our heads. It was so beautiful. Our oldest was enthralled.

We are getting ready for more soccer games, tomorrow. Just two more and we are done for the season! WOOHOO!

I think that about sums up the last week. I have some more pictures but don't have them on the laptop. So, they will have to wait until I get them from the main computer.

OH, I also entered a bunch of blog contests and won one of them. I will make a seperate post about that one tomorrow morning!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Still More...

I won't post ALL 200 pictures I took over our weekend, promise! I am just picking a few more. :)

Driving out in the middle of 'corn territory', we kept hearing a strange knocking sound from the back of the car. When we finally stopped on the country road with no help in yelling distance, this is what greeted me right outside my car door. Needless to say, I DID NOT get out of the car. I let my wonderful husband face whatever the corn was going to throw at us! HEEHEE
(I am mostly just kidding. When my sis and I were in high school we watched Children of the Corn and have been freaked out ever since!)

The mist was beautiful. It lasted for quite a while.

'What a thing of beauty' to quote my dh!

This is the face that he gets when I force him to chew up 2 Vitamin C tablets at the same time. I was laughing so hard that the tears were rolling down my cheeks! He didn't do that again. :)

Since my hometown has a Hot and a Cold water tower, they fascinate me. We saw one later that was a tea kettle. I just could not get it to stand still so I could take a picture of it.

4th Folder 4th Picture

My oldest is going to kill me! Oh, well it is a sweet picture.

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! Find the 4th folder and then the 4th picture. It's easy! Just do it. ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Even more...

Here are more pictures.

I told you there were a lot!

This is a picture of the Holy Family Shrine. We tried to go and see it on the way home; but, it was closed. :(

This was a stadium out in the middle of nowhere! We finally realized that it was for racing. Go figure!

A barn just for Robin. :} Doesn't it look like it has a cheesy grin and winking?!!

A field of 'biscuits' for our youngest. She calls these hay bails biscuits!!

I just thought that this was pretty.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


She had to have a tooth pulled. :((

She was not happy.

Not a fun sight to see! It was a little disconcerting at first.

Gas when we started out...

When we got home!

Just some of the pictures I have not posted yet!

We got a Wii!

Cheesy Potato Soup. YUMMO!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I saw this over at A Piece of Pax and just had to put it on here. HEEHEE!!


Well, it seems that I have fallen behind in my blog posting! Big surprise, huh?

Plenty has been happening. I am just waiting for a few minutes to load the pictures onto the computer and then onto the blog.

Dh and I had a great trip to Omaha. It was refreshing and a sweet time of fellowship with dh's younger brother and his wife.

I am going to really try and get caught up tonight. But, I warn you that there are a lot of pictures!! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I just found these going through the pics on the computer and thought I would share. :)

He is enjoying the Craft Day snack food! We caught him in the act.

She did NOT want me taking her picture. HEEHEE!

I LOVE this picture in a picture. Go me!

Sorry, Brother, but we had to. :}

Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I am Wondering is...

When did the media begin being so obvious in its bias? Have you really paid attention lately?

I have watched ABC's Good Morning America since I can remember. Seriously. I remember that guy named Dave and his co-anchor, Joan. I have watched it for a long time.

I don't ever remember being this disgusted with them before. Yes, we all know that the media is Liberal. It is quite obvious. They are run by Liberals and the Liberals give them money. I think that the media runs much the same way as the Government. The media has 'Lobbyists' that give them money to promote certain things, and because they have more money than most anyone else; they get what they want.

Only now it has gone so far as to be blatantly biased and outspoken against anything that has morals. I will point out the Rosie O'Donnell incident in which she likened Christians to the terrorists that bombed the World Trade Center. Was anything done to her? Did she have to publicly apologize? NO! Was anything really even said about it after the fact? NO

Excuse me. How could no one demand an apology for calling someone else a terrorist? Actually, I did and Barbara Walters NEVER answered. And the only reason Rosie O'Donnell says it is because Christians believe that she is choosing to live in sin and that that is wrong. Wow, that is really a stretch to call us terrorists, don't you think?

Liberal Media.

This morning on GMA they were making a HUGE deal over the McCain comment on the Presidential Debate the other night. The Liberal Media is making it out to be a racial slur and are wondering why it is being tolerated. A racial slur? He said 'that one'. How is that a racial slur in the context in which he used it? No one brought up race except the Obama campaign and the Liberal media. McCain was just saying that it was that person over there that voted for something that would harm the American people.

If you ask my opinion, the Liberal media is just using this as a distraction technique to draw us away from the Socialistic idealogy of Barak Obama. Listen to what he says. If you listen, he will give away a little of what he really believes in every speech. He is already infringing on our 1st Amendment rights in Missouri by having the Obama Truth Squads.

How much more will we tolerate?

Are we really going to allow The United States of America to become a Socialist America?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Menu

Okay, Kristine over at Jewels of My Own posts her menus and it is finally just too much for me to handle. The pressure is overwhelming. So, here is my menu.

It is late as we started this menu on the 6th; but at least I am doing it, right?

Monday-- Chicken Quesadillas
Tuesday-- Hoagies
Wednesday-- Beef Calzones
Thursday --Leftovers *my favorite night!
Friday-- Co-op Night taking treats-sandwiches on homemade bread at home
Saturday-- Eat Out **my real favorite night :)
Sunday-- Cheesy Potato Soup
Monday-- Grilled Chicken
Tuesday--Chipotle Burritos
Thursday--Chicken Tetrazini

I don't have any backups other that Pizza Hut or McDonalds and I don't schedule Lunches or snacks. For breakfast, they can have pancakes, waffles, french toast, or whatever else they want to fix. :) (I make big batches of the hot stuff and they heat them up as they need them.)

Now, I must tell you that I feel immense pressure to stay with this menu. It is silly, I know.

BUT, we are out of budget and this is the food we have in the house. So, we will try and stick to the menu. :0)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a thought...

This was posted in an online group I belong to. It is very interesting.

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent they conquered."

~Thomas Jefferson

Kind of makes you go "HMMM".

Friday, October 3, 2008

A New Adventure

Last week our youngest daughter started a Kids Day Inn program. She was really excited to go and she had a great time.

It was a fun day for her and some of her 'classmates' were children that I had taught at the YMCA!

Getting ready all by herself.

Before school. She was feeling a little shy.

She had to finish her picture before she would leave the classroom!

After school. Look at that smile!

She is growing up so much. It is hard to watch the youngest grow up and know that they are the last. :(

Seasons of life...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today we learned that my dh's phone that we just got a couple of months ago will no longer be accepted at his work. GRRR They are 'making' him get a Blackberry. I know, that does not sound like a bad thing. However, we only have two days to figure out what that does to our cell plan and get things changed over. Not to mention the fact that the Treo he uses has a different OS and some of the things he has on his Treo will not be on the Blackberrey. AND if he wants them on the Blackberry, he is responsible for buying them. double GRRR

That in and of itself is not that big of deal.

Then there was the trip to the Library because they were/are flushing out the sewer lines. The smell was so bad we had to leave.

Once there, everyone found their books and when we were half-way home the 6yo said that she left a book there. triple GRR

We went ahead and got gas and when I pulled forward to pay, I heard this crunching noise. I couldn't figure out what it was because there was no car near enough to have hit. I was also sure that I had taken the nozel out of my car. It was then that I looked to the rear left of the car. There was a HUGE bright yellow streak. I had run into/slid into the yellow posts guarding the posts. quadruple GRRR

Then, we remember that we had forgotten to take our oldest over to her job. quintuple GRRR

It has been a great day and tonight we have three soccer practices!!

I am not sure how she is going to play soccer tonight! This was as she was soaking her knee in the tub.

Here is the car. :(

It can only get better, right?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Catching Up

I have not posted for a while. I have been busy and lazy!

Here are some things that have been going on.

Dd #4 decided coloring in the lines is pretty cool!

Soccer has started. I am not sure if I am glad when I am running between games!

What is he looking at?

This strange moth/thingy. It stayed right there most of the night and creeped everyone out!