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Monday, August 29, 2016

New Seasons

I am lousy at keeping this blog up! Life is slowing down...kind maybe?

Beth GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL LAST MAY. Yes, I needed to shout that at you. I am still freaking out a little bit over it even still. She even got into several colleges!! She had multiple offers to play soccer but decided against it. But, you know what? She GOT INTO COLLEGE! I didn't screw her up too badly!!

My first is grown.

Yikes. I am old!

She is such an amazing young woman and I am so blessed to be her mother. She started college last week for Pre-Vet and that has me gasping for air. Life is moving too quickly. Sarah is a Senior and is planning her life after high school. Missions work, here she comes!

In June of 2017 I will only have two kids at home (technically), they of course can stay as long as they need to. I will only have two to homeschool. My time is so short.

I love this phase of seeing their personalities blossom and their independence grow. They are going to be fantastic adults!


Sarah's Senior Pics will be coming in a few months. Aaagghh!! I don't want them to happen and I am crazy excited all at the same time.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Only Bug...

Driving in the car with Sarah and Bug going somewhere and she wants us to do something for her. I can't remember what it was but it was a definite No from us both. She asked seeral times to which I finally replied, "I can't or I will get in trouble with the police."

Bug then replied...

"I AM the Police.

I AM the Government.

I AM the President.



We were laughing up until the last statement and then it had to get serious. I calmly told her that we don't say that and only God is God. None of us are God.


Then she chanted to herself many times...

"Only God is God. I am not Him. Only God is God. I am not Him."


I couldn't even speak. I had a hard time driving. I was laughing so hard!


Where does she come up with this stuff??



Friday, June 10, 2016

Terrell Family Vacation 2016

It is time for our annual trek to Branson for our family vacation. We were not going to go but then decided that since it was Beth's last vacation as a 'kid' we would go for it. It was our first without Bug and we were all kind of sad about it but looking forward to a new normal. was our first real trip in Kelly, our suburban. Excitement was abounding. We really though she was a lot bigger than she is and worried that we wouldn't get everything in her after all; but we prevailed with our beautiful game of tetris. Steven couldn't see out of the rear view mirror but who needs that anyway?

We found someone to house/dog sit (thank you so much Maraiah!) and off we went. Beau and Maggie were not happy with us but they were in good hands.

The six hour car trip went pretty well, considering. We made it all of 30 minutes with complete quiet in the car. Each child had their device and a movie or music playing and left us alone. It was glorious. Then, Steven and I couldn't stand the quiet so we put on some music! That brought out the natives and soon we were having a jamfest all the way to Joplin. I am sure we looked quite suspicious dancing around to every genre of music known to man! But hey, we were having fun.

In Joplin we stopped at Hardee's and gave the poor worker an aneurism with our order. We had no idea what we wanted and with six clueless people in the car, it was a nightmare. But, we did it and got everything we ordered! That is pretty awesome.

We took our food to go because we all just wanted to get there but no one thought about the whole drinking and eating and the lack of a bathroom. It was pretty unpleasant there for a while especially when we started on the hills. Lord have mercy, I almost wet myself. Steven decided to go almost 50mph when the posted limit was 25mph on the road into Big Cedar. I was praying and calling out for Jesus. No lie. I was scared to death.

We did make into the resort with no accident or loss of life. I wasn't too happy with my husband though. He had a smirk on his face-the turkey. He was quite pleased with himself but I was not impressed and may have smacked him while he drove. Not very safe but I was in panic mode.

Anyway, we arrived at Big Cedar ready to rest and have fun. Check in was easy and our room was great. We swam that night and then turned in for the night. Big Cedar has a quiet time in the evening so that everyone can have a relaxing time, theoretically. The people above us, however, did not believe in the contract they signed and they didn't care about anyone around them. Around 10 o'clock each night they started a mass killing in their rooms right above us. I think they even played bowling and frisbie tag each night. They were horrible. This was the worst part of our week-going to sleep each night. Or should I say, trying to go to sleep at night. EVERY SINGLE night they would jump, drag furniture, run, and do every other thing they could think of to make as much noise as they could. And we reported them every night. But nothing was done about it until the final night. By then it was too late. We were all sleep deprived and ready to be home.

I do love Big Cedar and we had a wonderful time swimming, playing miniature golf, and being with family but there are some issues they need to work out. They need to figure out how to enforce their own policies and make everyone's stay the way they portray it. It was frustrating to say the least.

This was what I found in the sink one afternoon. I was worried until I saw the mutilated watermelon on the table!
But we did have a good time as a family and are so blessed to have been able to go. Even with the lack of sleep!

A family nap was in order during the day since we couldn't sleep at night!

When Friday rolled around we were more than ready to get back to our house, the dogs, and our own beds. The 6 hour car trip took about 3 months on the return but who's counting? Oh that's right, my four children. Crankiness abounded in Kelly on our way home. There were tears, a few things thrown around, and more than one threat to throw someone out of the car. We again stopped in Joplin at Hardee's to eat and make a pit stop; which in hindsight should have lasted longer. We rushed too much in order to get back on the road and ended up crankier than when we started. It was thick in the car.

A few well-placed words by yours truly and everyone straightened right up with smiles and happy hearts. Not. Steven and I just turned our music up louder and they retreated into their music and/or movies. Aren't we great parents?! Hey, it worked. For a while.

After around 4 hours on the road we had another music fest that lasted all of 30 minutes then the never ending question started..."Are we there yet?" "How much longer until we are home?" And that was just from me! Other questions were voiced from the back of the car but we just turned the music up louder and louder until they quieted down. Heehee

With just an hour left we got slap happy. Things that were not funny reduced us to tears and Steven to shaking his head. It was crazy and fun and so completely us.


We made it home with just a few more tears and tons of snacks. I think I gained about 10 pounds on the way home alone! But we made it. Barely.

The last 30 minutes would have tried the patience of a saint, I am sure. It was a bit ugly and I don't care to relive it. Suffice it to say that we all stopped talking to one another and it was quite uncomfortable.

When we got home Beau was mad at Beth for leaving! I tried to warn her about it but nothing can really prepare you for your dog ignoring you. He will get over it.


I am so glad to be home and ready to sleep in my bed tonight. Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

How many car fresheners does it take...? This should be us during soccer season!
Proof that Sarah got something other than chicken!
Pretty sights on the way home.
This man of mine waiting on his daughters' to be done shopping. He is a saint!

Oh people, this is a sight we passed on the way and I made Steven go back so I could get a picture. 'The Pink Pickle'...are you even kidding me? It was just too much and we resorted to giggling like Jr. High boys! Me most of all. But when we passed the Nut Hut a little later, I couldn't even speak. Oh my word do people even think about what they are calling their businesses? Oh and that picture on the Pink Pickle sign...don't get me started. No, just no.


That was our vacation in a nutshell. It was nice to get away as a family. I am sure the girls took tons more pictures that I hope they will share with me. But who knows!


Saturday, May 28, 2016

He said this was not an option...

Steven has said for several years now that he did not want two dogs in the house. Beth has wanted one for quite some time now but the answer was a firm No.

Then she turned 18.

She saved her money and he reluctantly said Yes! I couldn't believe it. But he did so she started looking right away. I thought she was looking for a puppy around a year old or just a smidge older but, no. She went looking for a true puppy.

She found one that was THREE HOURS AWAY. Ugh Leave it to my kid to find the cutest stinkin' puppy that we fell in love with on sight. Sigh She applied to adopt him and was approved then we found out he was in a cast because his leg had been broken. He was not even three months old yet. But she persevered through this No-kill shelter and waited for him to be available.


Of course, he became available immediately on one of our busiest weekends for soccer! We drove up there way to stinkin' early Friday morning and waited for the shelter to open. To say that I wasn't impressed with the shelter woud be kind. They were aloof and ignored us completely. The foster for Beth's pup was very nice but she left and told us the other people would be right with us. We were on a HUGE time crunch and they had promised we would be out on time.

We were 30 minutes late getting out of there. And we were only 30 minutes late because I went to the desk and told them we had to leave. They were all like well your paperwork is being processed so you have to wait, and then someone looks at the counter and says , Oh here it is. What? How long had it been sitting there? Whatever, just get us out of here.

We signed the papers and took off. Bismark-their name for him that Beth quickly changed to Beau-was a doll. He stole our hearts instantly. There were red flags but we didn't pick up on them in the shelter. He cried when we tried picking him up and we assumed it was from his leg injury. We were so wrong.

We got him home and immediately took off to the soccer game. When we got home we played with him, oohing and aahing over his cuteness. Saturday there were more soccer games. Sunday we had church and then a family event all afternoon. We didn't want to leave him alone all that time, so Beth's friend came for the afteroon to take care of Beau and Maggie.

That was the last time things were normal.

That night Beau stopped drinking and eating. He stopped playing. He just layed there looking sad. Monday morning he refused to get up at all. We took him to the vet. They agreed that something was off and that his stomach was tender and distended.

When they left the room to get him some medicine we noticed something hanging from his...'hind end.' It was a tape worm. A fully grown tape worm. That should not have been there if the shelter had de-wormed him like they should have. Whatever. The vet gave him another shot for the worms and sent us on our way.

Beau still was not acting right. He wouldn't really drink anything and he definitely wouldn't eat anything. We took a medicine dropper and forced water in him.

On Wednesday he was no better and probably a little worse. We took him back in and they thought maybe a foreign object was in there so they did x-rays. The x-rays came back as a possible foreign object but then the raidiologist said no. So, they wanted to keep him because he had lost FOUR pounds in as many days and to do more tests.

They found tape worms, hook worms, round worms, giardia, and parvo. I am not even kidding. This poor guy had been sick for a very long time in his short life and no one had done anything about it. They told us his prognosis was not good. If he had just one or two of those things, he might make it; but all of them and parvo is basically a death sentence.

Beth was devasted. We all were. We were faced with the awful choice of putting him down or treating him to the tune of way too much money. There wasn't much of a choice, if he could be saved we had to try. He was only 3 months old, he needed a chance to live.

Days passed and the news was only bad, he wouldn't eat or drink anything. He was still in danger. He could still die.

Steven called the shelter and told them in his scary, quiet voice what was going on and how they were going to deal with it. They were responsible for this sick puppy.

Friday they had to put the cone of shame on him because he chewed through is i.v. line! He was feeling slightly better but was not out of the woods.

Saturday the vet called and relayed some good news, small as it was. Beau ate a little and was acting more peppy. The vet was cautiously optiomistic and would let us know the next day if he was still on the upswing.

We didn't get any word on Sunday until late in the day. The vet called and said that he was doing very well and could possibly come home the next day! We had to wait for his check-up on Monday morning but he was optomistic that Beth would get her baby back the next day.

Monday cam and she did indeed get him back that afternoon! He as so skinny and sad looking but he was home. He had special food to eat and we had to pick up his poop and use bleach water to disinfect the area for a week after, but he was home.


He started perking up and playing and acting like a normal puppy...finally. He and Maggie started wrestling and Beau got into a good sleep schedule.

Then, he started acting like a normal 3 month old puppy-trouble! He is just like a trouble aiming to be naughty. It is a full time job keeping track of him.


He is a hand full.

He is completely adorable. No seriously, he is so cute it hurts! His head is crazy soft and he gives the best hugs. If you hold him, he leans into you and hugs you. He is pretty great.

Now, we just have to pay off his medical bills...


Friday, May 27, 2016

The Eleventh Review

Last night Naomi, Hannah, and I sat around the computer to watch the first episode of "The Eleventh", a new show on the Feeln Network. We weren't sure what to expect and were honestly not getting our hopes up! But we got our snacks, drinks, and comfy chairs and started the episode.

We had to pause it :51 seconds in and we all groaned in frustration. My husband came in asking about the show and we were all hooked already. We were invested and caring about the characters. Less than a minute in. I'd say that is the sign of a successful show!

Here is a little about Feeln and "The Eleventh"

"Feeln is the leading streaming service that brings you heartfelt stories of love and togetherness - anytime, anywhere. All movies are handpicked so you spend less time searching and more time with the stories you love. Feeln brings home the exclusive library of Hallmark Hall of Fame features, Hollywood movies and TV series, and award-winning originals you won’t find anywhere else.

This May, Feeln launched its original series “The Eleventh” which stars a trifecta of TV legends including Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch, Dancing With The Stars), Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Roots, Up), Cloris Leachman (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Malcolm In The Middle), and newcomer Ren Harris.

“The Eleventh” focuses on a young girl’s journey to getting to know her estranged grandmother in order to bring closure to the past and unite her family. The series has heart-warming themes of family, forgiveness, healing, and love."

I do not want to give anything away. Trust me, you want to uncover this series on your own! By the end of the 30 minute episode we were waiting and watching the time, begging it not to end. There is a cliff hanger that we did not see coming and now we are dying to know what happens next. You can get in on the original series on Feeln. You won't be disappointed! Cloris Leachman...incredible. She is just absolutely perfect in "The Eleventh."

If you want to check out what we are so excited about look at this. To watch full episodes of ‘The Eleventh’ on Feeln go to:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How Many Times do I Have to Tell You?

Oh you guys, I am so excited to tell you something. I am in a book club for Rachel Carman's new book How Many Time do I Have to Tell You? I will be reading it and posting things all over facebook, twitter, and here.


Look for some great encouragement and real life happening right here!

Watch for information on how to buy your own copy coming soon.



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pictures to catch us up

Since I have been completely remiss in keeping this blog up the last few years, I am going to just pick up here and post things as I remember them! Or when I find the pictures to use. Lol


Thanksgiving without Bug was tough but it was good,t oo. Here is our gussied up pic on the way to somewhere!


We also celebrated the long awaited movie Star Wars The force Awakens. It is quite an expensive endeavor going to a movie with this crew but we make the commitmant with the movies we really want to see! This was one of them. It did not disappoint. Well, it did...but if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it for you.

We had a very mild winter this year much to our dismay. We wanted snow and lots of it. Didn't happen. Sigh But we did get some days with frost; not a great substitute but it was gorgeous!


Trips to the store like this happened! Yeah, they are probably going to shoot me for this one! Heehee

Bug came to visit!! She camped out in Hannah and Naomi's room(hence the mess in the background!) but could't stay up long enough to party!

Senior Pictures happened. This was hard, people. She is so beautiful and my heart ached at the next step. I will have to do a post by itself for the pics 'cause they were all awesome!!

See what I mean? Gorgeous.

And I get to do it again in a few months with Sarah! Aagghh! I can't believe I just said that...don't panic...


That is enough for now, 'cause ya'll know there are a ton more just waiting to be posted.


Monday, May 23, 2016

A Year in Perspective

There is something that I have wanted to do for years now. I see friends doing it and I am jealous. I want to do it. I truly do. What is it you ask?

Friends of mine always have a word impressed on them at the beginning of the year and that is their theme for the upcoming year. I have tried that. I just can't seem to hear the Lord in this way.

Well, maybe I can and I just didn't want to.

Last year I tried this idea again and the word that came to mind was Unity. I thought that was a strange word because our family is pretty close and we fight well. We don't alwyas agree but do always come back together in the end.

I ignored the word.

The word came up again when I was trying to think of a verse for our soccer team this year. Unity. Of course, I thought it was perfect for the soccer team. But what I couldn't see in January of last year was that that was exactly what our family needed to get us through 2015.

To say that 2015 was difficult would be quite an understatement. It was one of the most difficult of our familys' lives.

I have already made a post about Bug leaving us and that was a huge part of our struggle this year. Hearing the news, then getting our family to understand it and implement it was draining and horrible. And beautiful and precious. It was something we had to be Unified to get through.

We also had several deaths of loved ones. One of those was Bug's grandmother. Bug went to live with them on August 1st and by December 21st, her grandmother died of Melanoma. Bug got to spend four months of one on one time with her grandma that she wouldn't have had if she had still been with us. She got precious time with her grandma that was God ordained. Looking back it's easier to see.

Then a dear friend, Bruce, lost his battle with cancer. He was a precious friend to our Naomi for the last five years. They were kindred spirits and prayed for one another faithfully. Bruce was an example of a Christ centered life and we are truly better for having known him.

The girls' godmother died as well. She was someone that spoke into my life as a wife and mother and adored our children. She is a light that will be missed every day.

Beth got injured at another soccer game. (She is fine now thanks to amazing physical therapists!)

Our house was flooded because of the roofers doing the chimney wrong 4 years ago. We found extensive damage in Beth's room. The very next day after we discovered all the damage, our house was hit by lightening. Not even joking. We lost many electronics that day. And insurance didn't pay for anything. Nothing. Squat. Basically, insurance is a scam you have to participate in. Enough on that.

Our suburban needed some repairs and after they tried to repair it there was an additional problem they couldn't figure out. Still haven't.

Beth was starting her Senior Year on a bang! The enormity of that was a heavy weight as we tried to get everything figured out and completed. I'm not sure we really ever did!

We launched a local theater company and put on a production that was amazing. It was crazy hard work and we were glad to see the end of it!

Three girls in AYSO soccer in the fall. 'Nuff said on that one. Oy vey.

Beth and Sarah working. Sarah getting ready for a missions trip to Mexico. Christmas without Bug.


I am sure there was more but that is enough. Our family made it through, though not without some fair bumps, bruises and scars. But like I told Naomi just tonight, "Scars are a roadmap of your life." The physical ones as well as the ones nobody can see.

Unity. We are united as a family. In spite of circumstances and because of them.

Bearing Witness Review and Give Away

We have for a long time used stories of the Martyrs as part of our school. Often times I would not be able to get through the stories without breaking down in tears, my heart aching for the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters in Christ. My children would sit in wonder at their courage and gasp in awe at the power of God. Those times are precious memories...but I wish they weren't. I have longed for more stories to share with my children, and myself. We need to be reminded how relatively easy we have it here in America and just how real the persecution of the Church is.


Bearing Witness Edited by Charles E. Moore and Timothy Keiderling is the book I was looking for. Bearing Witness is divided into Four Parts: Early Christians, Radical Reformers, Early Modern Witnesses, and Recent Witnesses. If you are worried about dry, dusty stories don't be. These stories are alive and beautifully told. The book starts out with an Introduction that starts like this, "Following Jesus can be Dangerous. On April 14, 2014, members of Boko Haram, a radicalized Islamic group in Nigeria, attacked a girls' school in Chibok and kidnapped most of the students." That is real and that is Now. Our families need to read these stories and pass them on to future generations.


About Bearing Witness: Stories of Martyrdom and Costly Discipleship

From the stoning of Stephen in the first-century Jerusalem to Nigerian Christians persecuted by Boko Haram in 2015, these stirring accounts will inspire greater faithfulness to the way of Jesus, reminding believers what costly discipleship looks like in any age. Bearing Witness brings together dozens of accounts from around the world of Christians who gave witness to their faith in the face of intense persecution, even if it costs them their lives.

In selecting stories for this book, the editors focused on Anabaptist martyrs and others who suffered for their commitment to believer’s baptism and nonviolence.

Publisher: Plough Publishing House

Category: Christianity/History

Binding: Softcover

240 pages

About the editors:

Charles E. Moore has complied and edited several acclaimed books and Timothy Keiderling is a researcher for the Bearing Witness Stories Project.

If you want to purchase the book, go here:

If you want to visit social media for this book and publisher head here:



If you are looking for an amazing book your family can use to learn about the martyrs of the Faith, this is the one to get. While it is hard for young ones to hear these stories, it is so important to be honest about the very real persecution of the Saints.


***To be entered in this drawing leave a comment with a martyr story that has touched you and an email address!


GIVEAWAY!! I will draw ONE winner of a copy of Bearing Witness Monday May 30th.



Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won a prize from our sponsor Propeller / FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days, you are not eligible to win. Or if you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligi

As always, the opinions expressed are my own. I received a copy for review purposes.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Loved and Blessed Box Review

I love getting mail. I especially love getting mail that makes me feel loved. When I got this box in the mail, it was the best mail day of the week!

The box is self-contained and a beautiful pink color. When I opened it it was packed with goodies! The box I received was based on Comfort. It couldn't have come at a better time. Every item brought me joy!

Isn't that a full box?
Scripture Cards
A mini-poster and a sticker.
A card of Encouragement.
This necklace, ya'll. It is beautiful. The teal middle is a bell that sounds gently when you move.


"Unlike many subscription boxes, loved+blessed® is about hope and encouragement, rather than products. As a cause box, they measure the value of their boxes a little differently than many other companies. Each month they send a box of encouragement to your loved+blessed® ladies with a different theme that they hope will brighten their month, help them get through the challenges of life and help them to pass encouragement along to someone else. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to get packages in the mail don’t you!? Wouldn’t it be awesome to brighten someones day!"
This is such a great idea. Bless someone with these Loved and Blessed Boxes. There are different price points for just about any budget. You can send 1 box, 3 boxes, and on up to a year.

Check them out on Social Media:

Instagram @passhopeon

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Facebook lovedandblessed

Now, there is a Give Away for a year of Loved and Blessed Boxes.

Follow the Giveaway LInk to find out more.

Giveaway Link –

Find out more at these links:

I can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner!