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Friday, September 21, 2018

Heartbreak and Peace

This past summer was a season of transition for our family, yet again.  It was a season of tears and prayers and questions.  If I am being honest, those things are still happening and probably will for years to come.

This summer with counsel from our pastor and a counselor, we decided that it would be best for everyone if Bug went back to her grandpa's permanently.  There were issues that I will not go into publicly for her sake; but, needless to say they were big enough issues for us to take this step.  We did not step into this decision lightly or gladly but with heartbreak and confusion.

We love that little girl as our own.  She IS ours.  We are just not the right place for her to be right now.  She has needs we can not satisfy.  It broke us as individuals and as a family to come to this realization but we are discovering Peace through it all.  God has shown up for us as He has for her and we are healing.

We will never fully heal from this, and rightly so.  There will forever be a hole in our heart that only Bug can fill.  For now, we will have to rest in the assurance that Jesus loves her so much more than we ever could and that His plans for her are far above what we could imagine.

Prayers for our family and for Bug and Grandpa would always be appreciated.

Following God is not easy.  It is not painless.  It is not for the faint of heart.  But, He is faithful to walk with us as we strive to follow His lead and to cry with us over the hurts of this world.