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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A long weekend

Having had one kid in the hospital, one with strep, and a bday, all in one could say that I am done.  All this the week before we were to start school.

Well actually, we were supposed to start on July 25th but that flew out the window!  So we moved the start date to August 1st.

I hope we can actually get that done.

Meanwhile, we have much cleaning to do and organizing of the school room and stuff.  Rest is on the docket for the entire family.

Then on Sunday we have a very difficult meeting to go to here at our house.  It is not one we are looking forward to but one that has to happen.

After that...more school planning.  lol

Friday, July 29, 2011


Thursday night we had a surprise bday party for our second oldest.  This is the first time in 11 years that we have been home on the actual day.  We tried to do it up right, I think we succeeded.

Some good friends came over for cake and ice cream and swimming.  She didn't know they were coming so we had them sneak in while S was helping me in the kitchen so that when she turned around they were standing there! We sang happy birthday and went swimming. 

It was pretty fun until our 6yo stopped swimming due to a stomach ache.  She wanted me to hold her for a while but started swimming again so I didn't think much about it.  Later that night she fell asleep while our friends were here.  That is unusual but with the week had, I wasn't too concerned.

When our friends left, N came up to say good-bye and she was blazing hot.  I took her temp and it was 103.5*!  Holy cow.

Ibuprofen and sleep seemed to help.  At least for a while.  In the morning her temp started rising again so I decided to look at her throat.  It was blazing red and her tonsils were swollen. 


Another doctor's visit for the week yielded a strep throat diagnosis.  Good times. 

Meds were prescribed and sleep was on tap for the afternoon. 

The birthday day didn't go as planned but we got to go see a movie and eat out so it wasn't a complete bummer. 

We'll have to try again next year for a little more of a to do for her bday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Didn't see that one coming

While we were gone at camp my mom/dd called to say that our 9yo was sick. She had had some dental work done on the Friday before camp and so we thought it was a continuation of that. My mom called and got some antibiotics and we thought that would take care of it.

When we picked them up on Saturday I did a double take of her face. I thought she had something hidden in her cheek. It was swollen to around three times its normal size. OMW! I couldn't believe it. We made the decision right then to take her to the minor emergency clinic to have it checked out.

The doctor on call said that it was tooth related, maybe, and gave her a different medicine than earlier in the week. We had instructions to call back on Tuesday if it wasn't better. Well, Monday morning it wasn't better and I thought I should call the dentist. When I told them what was going on and what she looked like they worked us in right away. They confirmed that it was a tooth that had been previously worked on and would now need a root canal.

But they couldn't do it because she is too young. They called an endodontist and scheduled an appt. for later that day. The dentist prescribed yet another antibiotic and pain medicine. We had to make her take the pain meds bc she wouldn't admit how bad it was hurting. She felt better after the "happy pill"!!

The endodontist confirmed that she needed a root canal but wouldn't do it until the infection was gone. We had orders to keep giving the current meds and watch out for swelling that had moved up to her eye or down to her throat. He also said to watch for signs of trouble breathing. Nice. No worry going on my head.

Tuesday morning she woke up with swelling on her cheekbone. I watched it for a few hours just to make sure but it was definitely swelling. I decided to call the doctor rather than rush to the ER and asked Steven to come with us. Our doctor wasn't in the office so we saw a different doc. But his answer

They would have to admit her to run a CT scan and give IV meds. great. They arranged for the admission and we arranged for someone to watch the girls. Steven thought that we were only going for tests so we weren't quite prepared for the overnight stay being presented to us. The other thing we weren't prepared for was the thing they were looking for. An infection in the bone. Osteomyelitis. If they found that there would be weeks of IV meds daily. Scary stuff. The docs seemed pretty concerned when they saw her face which in turn made us more concerned.

We got word late that night that they had found no infection in the bone! Woohoo!! But, our old friend-sinus damage-came back to bite us in the butt. They could see a blockage in her sinuses that were completely full of junk. Chronic acute sinusitis. They didn't know how it migrated down to her jaw though. For that answer we get to go to an ENT. Yup, another specialist. We did get to go home the next day so that was great. Although she was living it up with her own personal chef, craft lady, and wii games! She didn't want to leave. lol

So, her facial swelling is going down. Her pain is almost gone. And we have months of meds and specialist visits to look forward to. We just might have to have surgery on her face sooner than we thought. :(

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I wasn't really ready for camp this year. It just sort of snuck up on me. But there was no postponing it so at the last minute we packed and set off. Sunday at camp is always hectic. We have to decorate and set up the whole camp so that on Monday morning we can be ready for the kids. It always gets done but the thrill of fear is always present!

The kids arrived and one of my campers was a return camper. She was such a joy the first year we had her that I was thrilled to get her back. My other camper was new and very nervous. The other two counselors in my room had three new girls and one returning camper between them. One counselor had been there last year and we got a newbie as well. Both of my co-counselors are absolute gems.

Our girls were 7-9 years old and they were so sweet. We had a great week with not too much trouble. I had some great conversations with the girls about Heaven and God having a plan for their lives. I also got to tell one of our girls the plan of salvation. She asked during the bday concert why Jesus had to die on the cross so I told her all about it. It was pretty much the highlight of the week.

Except for watching my sister bring joy to a little guys life. This one little guy, J, found Robin/Bobbie and completely fell in love with her. He was almost catatonic and drooling for most of the week until Bobbie starte playing and dancing with him. He responded to her and would yell her name when he saw her coming. He talked to her and they even did a dance for talent night. By Friday, he stood on his chair and recited the memory verse without any help. He completely connected with her and she changed his life. I couldn't have been prouder of her and more completely in awe of how God works.

Camp is always full of challenges like the air conditioning going out in triple digit temps but the benefits outweigh any inconvenience on our part. I am amazed every year that God lets me be part of this. How precious these kids are and how awesome to be able to love on them and show them that they are loved and valuable just because of who they are.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Post Camp Let Down

We are home from camp and I find my heart hurting.  I was so glad to see my kiddos and then glad to get Bug back but then I look at my prayer rock from camp and my heart breaks.  There were 37 kids at camp last week and they do not know the security of a stable family life.  Many of them are in wonderful foster families but too many of them are not. 

So many thoughts and moments at camp that forever changed me.  I am working on a post but it is coming slowly as my heart heals.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, the Last Day Prayers

Friday has its own list of troubles.  It is the last day of camp and the kids can get very upset as they see the decorations coming down and everyone packing their bags.  Please pray for attitudes and the ability to get all the things done that we need to before the bus shows up to take them home.

Then pray for us as we finish up packing and running to the cars.  Safety as we race to beat the bus home and then for our welcome home program.  Some foster parents don't want to take the time to stay and let their kids perform.  It is hard but it happens every year. 

Please pray as the kids go back to their lives that the seeds of Jesus' love has been planted and will grow and grow in them.  Pray for our hearts as we release them back into God's care and return to our regular lives.

Thank you so much for all your prayers this week.  We so greatly appreciate them and could not have camp without them. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday, Oh Thursday Prayers

Thursdays at camp are very hard.  It is the day that most of them realize that they will be going "home" the next day.  There are many tears and acting out on Thursdays. 

We also have Talent Night on Thursdays.  Everyone gets the chance to stand in the spotlight no matter what their 'talent'.  Everyone shines and everyone cheers.  The tears flow as we watch these children behave like children that don't have any cares.

Then comes Graduation.  RFKC is only for 7-11 yo.  So, on Thursday nights we give them a special necklace and talk to them about remembering what they learned about God and themselves.  It is painful to watch the kids realize that they can not come back.  Unless they come as counselors when they are 18.  I have said good-bye to many children over the last 12 years.  Each one brings tears to my eyes.

Tonight is the last night we can work on the memory books.  Please pray for focused attention and for time to move slowly so we can get them done!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Middle of the week prayers

Today is Birthday Day.  Wednesdays we celebrate everybody's birthday.  We have birthday cake and give them birthday boxes.  Generally it is a wonderful day but for some that have never had a birthday party or don't know when their birthday is, it can be very emotional.  We try to make this day special for them with a special live music concert and balloons, games, and cake.  It makes me cry every year when the kids ask if they can keep their birthday presents. 

Please pray that this day goes smoothly.  Some kids just get used to the routine and then on Wednesday we change it up.  It can throw some of them off. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prayers for this day

Today would you pray for protection from the heat?  We are outside a lot and it is so hot here.  Please pray for protection and safety as we go on hikes, swim, and do wood working.  Pray for the kids as they settle into the routine of camp.  Tonight the staffers that work with the kids the closest start making memory books for them.  We give each one of them a scrapbook of their week at camp so they can keep it forever.  Please pray that we can get them done for the kids.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Prayers for the day

Today would you pray for our hectic morning?  We are scrambling around doing last minute things to be ready for the bus to pull up.  Then could you pray for the kids as they meet us for the first time that they would feel comfortable and accepted.  These first few hours can be so hard as they adjust to another new environment.  Please pray for our hearts to be open to the  way that they need to be loved and to make connections with them.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

how to pray for us today

As we are serving these special children at Royal Family Kids Camp would you pray for us today that we could put our focus on getting the camp ready to receive the children. There is so much that needs done today. We decorate all the dorm rooms, the Chapel, set up the craft shack, the woodworking stating, the nurses station, etc. Please pray for unity for the staff members and for rest on this night before the kids come.

thank you for your prayers!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A break in the schedule(ing)

Well, I thought I was on my way to having it figured out when life happened.  It's probably because we are leaving on Sunday for a missions trip and the girls have been gone to cousin's camp this week but life just kind of snuck up on me.

Thursday I finished painting a wall in our front entry way.  I love, love, love the color.  It is so pretty.  yes, I have pictures!

Isn't it pretty?  :-)

The days this week have been spent in tears as well.  Since the older girls have been gone, Bug has been looking around for them.  She has been knocking on doors and asking for them.  When they didn't come out of their rooms she would just bawl.  It was so sad.  I cried for her and then I cried because we won't see her for a whole week.

Did I say that I love that little girl? lol

She started saying Cheese this week.  It is too adorable!  Her signing is getting better and better, too.  She learned how to throw things away in the trash can, pick up toys and put them away.  It has been a big week even if it was a sad one.

Today was spent in the car for me.  Mostly anyway.  We got a call this morning around 6:40 from my mil that said that our 9yo was complaining about her tooth hurting.  No problem I said.  She has one growing in and it probably sore from pushing the teeth around.

An hour or so later she called back and said, no it is the tooth with the cap on it.  Well, if you have read my blog for very long you know that she had tons of very expensive dental work done not that long ago.  It was traumatic for all involved.  So I was panicked thinking that this tooth was abscessed.  And if she is complaining it must be bad.  She never complains about pain.  Ever.

So...I called the dentist and drove out to get her and then drove all the way back into town clear on the other side of the city to the dentist office.  And then all the way back out to cousins camp so that she could do the afternoon's activities.  Then back into town and home.  We got home just in time to get lunch and put bug down for a nap.

She hadn't fallen asleep when grandma showed up to take her for the next week.  I was so sad to see her go.  She has become such a part of our family that it feels wrong not to have her with us.

Of course it doesn't feel right when any of my kids aren't with me.  But, we are serving kids that don't have their moms and dads anymore and so we can sacrifice for a week to show them the love they so desperately need.  I am just feeling more than a little sad right now.

It won't be too long before life returns to normal and we are in the daily life of school, chores, and living.  ;-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help with Scheduling

Okay, I am reworking our schedule. For the past few years we have had a schedule that is structured for every thirty minutes for each child and for myself. That will still work even though I have two in Junior High/Middle School and two in elementary. The monkey wrench is Bug. Not that it can't be done but I am going to have to work the schedule to make sure that I have time with her to give her what she needs.

So, my question for all of you is what kind of schedule do you keep. Or do you? Do you do Free School everyday? Or maybe a Block Schedule?

I really want to know what you all do and how it works for you. I am very interested in Block Scheduling expecially for my older two. I know that at least a few of the high schools around here use Block Scheduling and I am intrigued. No, we are not putting the girls in public high school, at least that's not our plans. We'll see what God has in store for the years to come. :-)

Give this somewhat desperate, going cross-eyed Mom some help. Will ya? If you have posted about this leave your link in the comments and I will check it out! Or you can leave a comment with what you do for your school.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planning for the New Year

Gearing up for the new school year is always so exciting. The new school supplies, the new books, the hopes and dreams of great things to come.

Ahhh, can you smell the new pencils?

Today, I had to go by the school supply aisles in our Wal-Mart for some notebooks but when I got there two of my girls physically grabbed hold of me and stopped me from going down the aisle. I couldn't believe it. They were physically holding me back and they kept saying things like, "No, Mom. Don't do it." "Dad will be so mad at you if you go down this aisle."

Yeah, I guess I am that bad. lol I had to promise them that I had a purpose for going down the aisle and that we were only going to buy four notebooks and nothing else.

That was the plan anyway! I ended up getting a case of notebooks...but nothing else! Promise. ;-)

Anyway, as I am thinking about the new school year I am planning out what we will use for subjects. I believe that I have everything we need but I won't know for sure until I sit down to plan it all out. lol

For now here is a list of what we will be using.

Sunshine (B) 8th Grade:
Math U See Algebra
Growing with Grammar 8
The Write Foundation Paragraph Writing
Latin Alive!
Spelling Power/Spelling City
Apologia Physical Science
Tapestry of Grace Year 3
Pentime 8 (handwriting)
Voice Lessons
Homeschool Group
BSF or  Dynamic Christian Living

Sweet Pea (S) 7th Grade:
Math U See Zeta/Pre-Algebra
Growing with Grammar 7
Writing Tales 2
IEW Phonetic Zoo
Latina Christiana 1
Apologia General Science
Tapestry of Grace Year 3
Getty Dubay Italic Book F
Homeschool Group

Peanut (H) 4th Grade:
Math U See Delta/Epsilon
Growing with Grammar 4
Writing Tales 1
Spelling Power/Spelling City
Prima Latina
Considering God's Creation
Tapestry of Grace Year 3
Pentime 4(handwriting)
Homeschool Group

Bean (N) 1st Grade:
Math U See Alpha/Beta
Bob Jones Phonics/English 1 & 2 (maybe)
Prima Latina
Considering God's Creation
Tapestry of Grace Year 3
Pentime 1 (handwriting)
Homeschool Group

Bug Pre-Pre-Pre K!!
Sign About Books
Reading with the family
Playing and more Playing!!
Homeschool Group

Plus, we will add in whatever we get from The TOS Crew. It is going to be a great year. I am excited to start practicing on transcripts and tracking classes in preparation for high school. I am going to be reading Lee Binz-The Homescholar's books to get ready and build my confidence.**

That is all I can remember for the moment. I think I have covered all the subjects but my mind is spinning at the moment. I am looking at those stacks of brand new books and I can't wait to get started. lol

But...we have to wait until the first week of August. ;-)

**does contain an Affiliate Link

Monday, July 11, 2011

There are no words sometimes

We went for a walk the other morning before it got terribly hot.  It wasn't a long walk bc momma got a little cranky with some attitudes that were flying around.


While the good attitudes lasted we had fun!

Yes, there are two strollers.  No, I only have five kids.  One is a doll!
She seriously wore this.  It was awesome!  NO, it wasn't that long of a walk.

The full glory of the outfit.  See the socks? heehee


What littlest doesn't want to be like the biggers in the house?  Bug is no exception.  She saw the girls brushing their teeth and wanted to brush hers as well.

She was having such a great time we barely got the toothbrush away from her so we could start the day!





Isn't she too adorable?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pretty things

On Saturday we went to celebrate the marriage of my niece.  It was a wonderful reception and the couple looked beautiful together.  Our oldest was asked to man the punch while the second born was in charge of filling the peanuts and mints.  They were both quite busy for a while! lol





The Groom's Cake!

She got a little hungry while waiting for the food. ;-)

They gave her a flower to take home.  She was thrilled.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finally some pictures!

I have been taking pictures, I just haven't been getting them off of the camera. lol  So today you get inundated with pics from weeks past.  heehee

Okay, I decided to put the pics in different posts with different dates so that I can keep track of them better. 

These pics are from the last soccer tourney we went to.  It was blazing hot all day with no shade.  Good times.  What we do for our kids, right?

She out ran her and might have scored on this one. Can't remember!

Yeah, we incorporate the Crane move anytime we can!! hahaha

Fancy Schmancy footwork.  And yes, she really is that much bigger than the other girl.

No, he wasn't yelling at her.  He's a great coach and had some great teaching moments with her.

She seems to be in that position a lot, doesn't she? lol

The girls ended up getting 3rd in this tourney.  They played hard against some teams that had been together for quite a while and actually play the 3v3 circuit.  Yes, they have such a thing for 3v3 soccer.  Who knew?

It was a great experience and I hope she can do it again sometime.  For now, she is counting down the days for AYSO to start their season again.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Deja Vu??

I am sitting here with my 13yo daughter and we are watching the last shuttle launch.  I am surprisingly anxious.  I was about her age when I watched my last shuttle launch.  That launch ended in the loss of every astronaut on board.

I am in prayer for all on board.  My heart is racing...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I really do do things

I'm not completely sure why I haven't posted since last Friday, wait...oh yeah, we have been crazy busy! Saturday night we went to a baseball game and stayed for the fireworks after. The game didn't get over until after 10pm. It was worth it to see the fireworks though. They were great. But what was even better was the tribute videos to 9-11. I was crying, of course, and was reminded once again what a great nation we have and how fortunate we are to live here.

Sunday we finally got to church as a whole family. It was refreshing and much needed. But unfortunately I almost fell asleep when one of the girls snuggled up against me! We barely made it home before naps started. lol The rest of the day was spent resting and taking it easy. It was great!

Monday was unique to itself. Steven was off work. 'Nuff said.

We slept late, stayed in our jammies most of the day, and watched way too much t.v. It was glorious!!

For the 4th of July we went to some friends' house and ate yummy food and then shot off fireworks. By the time it was dark enough to see the "pretty" fireworks, Bug and Steven were pretty much done. ;-) We did get to see some pretty cool things even if they were supposedly illegal in our city!

Bug handled the fireworks better than I did and actually enjoyed them quite a bit. I think I heard her say something like "pretty" a few times. She would point at the fireworks and her eyes would just shine with joy. It was a very enjoyable evening and we are so thankful for such good friends.

Tuesday was catch up day. We had to clean the house like crazy because some friends were coming over to talk about homeschooling. Woohoo! You know I love talking about homeschooling. heehee It was a great evening but another late night. But oh so worth it!

Today was just plain lazy. After we did some Math, that is. The older two girls got to go bowling with a friend and the rest of us took naps. That seems to be a theme at our house right now. ;-)

The TOS Crew is gearing up and we are starting to get some of our vendors lined up for the first reveiws. I can not wait to get started with this year's Crew!

Busy times, good times.

Friday, July 1, 2011

What about this one?

What about this button?  I think I like this one better...


**A little bit bigger...

More new things...

I am trying to find a new blog button.  What do you think of this one?