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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baring it all

You know women have it rough medically speaking.  We have to bear it all almost all the time in order to have stuff checked out.  You can not be modest when you are going to the doctor.  We have a lot of stuff to bare and not a lot of ways to be modest about it.  We learn early on to mentally check out when certain exams have to happen.  Am I right?

When I went in for the heart echo today I didn't realize it would be one of those tests.  I got there, checked in, and a sweet looking woman told me to follow her down the hall.  The room was quiet and warm and deceptive.  This nice woman asked me the standard questions and caught me off my guard.  So when she asked me to disrobe and put on the flimsy throw away gown I was speechless.   I groaned inside but smiled at her and thanked her. 

The throw away half-gown was more like a short parka made for a 10 yo and not a full grown women with womanly curves.  I put it on anyway being sure to snap the flimsy snaps in the front.  Yeah, they were a joke.  When I laid down on the bed and she was ready to start the test the snaps popped like they were made of cornflakes.  Once they did that I was exposed for all to see.  Yes, I know she is a professional and there was no one else in the room but it was embarrassing none the less.  Lying on my side things were not in their intended positions so she had to move them to get to where she needed on my chest.  No, that's not embarrassing at all. 

I ignored it until she had done it one too many times and then I almost cried from embarrassment.  I have had four babies, countless medical procedures, even had a guy I went to high school with help with the delivery of our first born; but you never get used to it.  Ever. 

I made it through the procedure without crying and was ready to sit up when I realized there was no good way to get into the sitting position without further exposing myself.  Oh joy.  I tried, really I did.  I kind of looked like a newborn giraffe flopping around with arms and legs going every which way.  It was one of my finest moments.  Not.  Thankfully by this time the tech had gone to get something out of the cabinets and didn't see the wrangling around.  When she turned around she handed me a disposable sheet to clean myself up with while I was desperately trying to keep the extra small piece of cloth covering my essentials until she left the room. 

It was another kind of joy to clean all the ultrasound jelly off parts of me I can't see while the flimsy non-covering what I need it to parka has suddenly decided to cling to all the places I had wanted covered in the first place.  Great timing disposable parka, great timing. 

All in all the test wasn't painful just exposing.  As most tests are for women.  I mean we just have more stuff to expose than men.  But good grief.  Can they not make those disposable parka/gown things to cover a little more than the expose flesh of our necks?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crazy things

So, you know I have some health issues that I deal with.  I moan and complain about them periodically and then get over it.  It's not been too bad lately.  In fact, my calcium has been pretty good for going on three years or so now.  Not much to complain about.

But lately I have been getting more and more tired.  Yeah, I know, I'm a mom of five, we homeschool, I direct plays, have kids in outside activities...I have a reason to be tired.   This is more.  But it came on so gradually I didn't notice right away.

Not until Monday night.  I stayed up with the older girls having a mini-movie night and doing some work.  We went to bed a little before midnight and I was going to read in bed for a bit to wind down.  I got ready for bed as usual and climbed in with my phone ready.  I had just lain down when my heart started beating crazy hard.  It has done that from time to time and always goes away.  It didn't this time.  It got worse.  I felt like I needed to cough so I did and it got even worse.  My head was full of noise and my vision started going black.  My heart pounded harder and I blacked out.  Not for long but my phone landed on my chest and I was a little freaked out.

I laid there for a bit waiting for my heart beat to slow down and was dizzy with pressure on my chest.  Thankfully there were some friends up and they started praying for me.  A bit later it felt like it was starting again but it subsided.  I fell asleep a short while later and slept the rest of the night.

The next morning, Tuesday, Steven thought I should call the doctor and let them know what had happened.  I did.  He wanted me to up my water, eat every hour, and rest to see if it was low blood sugar.  If it didn't get better by lunch I had to go in.

I went in around 1.  My blood pressure was normal and he couldn't see anything that stuck out to have caused the problem.  He drew blood and ran a bunch of tests.  A few were run stat so we could figure this out.

That evening around 7pm our doctor called.  You know it's never good news if the doctor is calling you himself! lol  Thankfully we have a fantastic doctor that we have been going to for over 20 years and treats us like family.  ;-)  Anyway, he wanted Steven and I on the phone together.  Again, not good news. 

He proceeded to tell me that my calcium numbers were higher than they have been since my hospital stay.  Yay!  That is great news.  But there was a but.  My blood sugar was a smidge low but not a problem.  Other things were a smidge this or that but not alarming or needing dealt with.  The thyroid numbers were a different story.  My T4 levels were way low and my TSH which should have been no higher than 5 was well over 100.  Yeah, you read that right.  That is so not good.

He ordered a different brand of meds to see if that would help and said he would think about why it wasn't working.  We hung up and Steven and I started talking about what was going on.  No sooner had we started our conversation than the phone rang again.  Yup, it was the doctor again.  He had looked at my chart and found the last time my thyroid was acting up I had heart palpitations.  So he ordered a heart echo to see if it was my heart causing fits of its own or was exacerbated by the thyroid. 


So not what you want to hear considering on a Tuesday evening, right?  Well, any evening really considering my grandfather died of heart problems and my dad has a pace maker and had open heart surgeries with multiple stints.  Gotta love genetics, right?

We are praying that there is no problem with my heart and that it is caused by my bodies apparent lack of cooperating with any meds I take that is causing the problem.

In the meantime I have a reason for feeling so lethargic and forgetful and cranky.  It doesn't really help except now I know.  And it's going to take several months for any meds to start working and for me to feel it.  Oh yeah, life is awesome that way.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Say Not Sweet Anne Blog Planner Review

Let's face it we all need help planning.  Whether it's planning for house cleaning, school, and even blogging.  Okay, maybe it's just me that needs help remembering to blog and check give-a ways and share on social media sights.  Please say I'm not the only one.

Whew!  Now that we've got that out of the way let's talk about my review today.  For Mosaic Reviews our first review is for Blog Planners.  We got to choose the one that looked like it would fit us best and I chose the one from Say Not Sweet Anne.  I liked the look and layout and the fact that it came in so many colors! 

But wait, first things first.  Say Not Sweet Anne has designed a blogging planner to help you keep up on all your posts, give-a ways, followers, comments, subscribers, and comments.  It has almost everything you need to keep track of your blog.

At SayNotSweetAnne, she offers a great post about her planner that includes pictures and descriptions.  She has an amazing website and offers really great things to read and download.  Hop over there and check it out!

I'm going to go ahead and tell you about the planner and how I used it. 

First you have to click on the Download File Now and that takes you to her Facebook page.  Here you will see the list of colors and choices you have.  The color choices are Blue, Teal, Purple, Gray, Pink, and Black/White.  You can also choose to have Notes or not on each color. 

Once you choose the one you want, save it to your computer then you can begin.  I chose Blue with Notes and couldn't wait to start printing.  Now, she recommends using a heavier weight paper so the color won't bleed through but I didn't have any problems with that.  But, my printer was starting to run out of ink so it could be a problem if the color were stronger.  I did print on both sides of the paper so it would be less of a footprint and use less paper.  I'm glad I did.  This is a big planner!

See the color?  Mine's a little off.  The true color would be spectacular.

The printing went easily and soon I was ready to assemble it.  I wish I would have used a heavier weight paper for the covers but that's okay, it's working.  I made sure the planner was in order and set about binding it.  I used my Pro-Click to bind it bc I am crazy about the bindings!

The planner was ready to use and it just sat there.  I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by it.  There is so much in there to use and I have never planned what to post before so I wasn't sure where to start. 

I decided to start at the beginning!  I started filling in the first page of Important Information and went from there.  Pretty soon, I was planning like crazy. 

I filled in some post ideas in the month view calendar, jotted down some project ideas for the layout of my blog, and wrote a to-do list.    I was on my way to an organized blog!

As reviews are coming in I am using this planner to schedule those reviews so that none of them get lost in the shuffle.  Awesome!  I was getting excited again just seeing all the days filling up.  It's like when you have a menu plan, you can relax because you can just look at the schedule and see what is expected of the day.  It's a great feeling.

So, I used the different areas of the planner but I just couldn't bring myself to use a certain section.  After the month view, each week is broken down so you can look at two weeks at a time and see things like, number of posts, comments, visits, subscribers, likes, and followers.  I don't use that section, nor do I think I ever will.  I'm just not into to tracking those things.  Oh, I did get into it for a while but then I lost sight of why I blogged in the first place.  So for me, I just don't use that part.  No biggie.  I know it would be handy for the bigger bloggers that use their blogs for their businesses or are trying to grow their readership.

I loved jotting down items in the notes and projects ideas.  It was a great place to remind myself to check on the layout and any blinkies that stopped working. It was there every time I opened the planner so I couldn't forget like I had been doing.  Then in the two page Notes pages I was able to write down things that happened that would be great blog posts.  No more trying to remember all those funny stories later and getting frustrated because I can't.  These pages are a great way to keep track of them for later. 

Now, the one thing this planner didn't have that I wished it would have was a way to remind myself to share my posts on other social media sites.  I have a hard time remembering to do that and so having that in the blog planner would be just about perfect. 

If this planner sounds like something that you would love just head over to SayNotSweetAnne and snag one for yourself.  They are FREE!!  I am not even kidding.  She created this amazing planner and is sharing it with us.  Fantastic, right? 

Go on, get over there; you know you want to!  While you're there check out her recipes, DIY's, and printables.  You won't be disappointed.

While you're out surfing the web, head over to Mosaic Reviews and check out all the other great reviews and see which planners the other reviewers chose.  Click here to check them out!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Refresh Me, Please

I know I have posted about our homeschool group before.  I will most likely continue to do so bc I love it.  I love them.

So, here's another post about them! lol

This past weekend we had our annual Mom's Retreat.  It has become a weekend I long for especially this time of year.  Know what I mean?  Each year we take a weekend, go to a hotel or retreat, and just fellowship.

This year was no different. 

Except we had the biggest snow storm in our area in recent history.  That changed our plans and we couldn't start the retreat on Friday like we planned.  I was very disappointed but it was the right decision.  For the safety of everyone. 

We did head out early Saturday morning to get the fun started.  By 10:30 most everyone was there with a few showing up later in the day but we started with lunch and then a Bible time.  A sweet sister prepared a lesson for us based on the story of Mary and Martha and required us to dig deep and get real.  It was a very sweet time of searching our hearts with God's purpose in time.  I will be thinking on those things for a long time to come.

Next we started our craft time.  Oh yeah, we do crafts!   We painted some canvases with chalkboard paint and painted the phrase, "Deeply, Madly, Truly, Since 1992" on them.  They are so cool.  I love it.  Then we ate some more! lol  After dinner we sat down to start knitting. 

Me...knitting.  I know, right?  But, I said I would try.  Our friend, Sara, said she could teach anyone to knit and I trusted her.  I was so nervous because I have tried things like that before and could never get it figured out.  I have wanted to, would love to, but always failed.

Until now.  She was such a patient teacher and willingly went over each step multiple times to make sure we all understood.  She also went hands on for us and showed us on our pieces of yarn how to accomplish it. 

And guess what?  I did it!  It took me ever so long but I made a scarf/cowl thing.  It isn't perfect but it is all mine made by me and I LOVE IT!!  I enjoyed it so much I went out and bought more yarn and crochet hooks to make more.   :-D 

We stayed up Saturday night talking until sometime after 2am.  The next morning was semi-leisurely with coffee and more talking before breakfast.  We talked and ate and did a little discussing the coming year for our high schoolers.  But mostly we fellowshiped.

We had a small devotional time and then a wonderful prayer time before we left.  It was simple and perfect. 

I so look forward to this time every year.  It refreshes me and gives us time to connect as women and not just homeschooling mommas.  I am so grateful that our group of ladies love one another and are willing to give up time from their families to rejuvenate one another.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let it Snow

They said it would snow.  I didn't believe them.

I was wrong.

It has snowed over a foot and a half in the last day and a half.  It is amazing.  It is beautiful. 

And it has trapped us in our house! lol  We tried to get out today and our car got stuck in the driveway.  Two feet outside of the garage.  Close to a foot of snow and the car was completely stuck.  We tried to rock it back and forth to move it just enough to get traction but it was no good.  We put ice melt under the tires...nothing.  We put planks under the tires for good. 

We persevered and we won.  Until the car got stuck in the street in front of our house.  I think the car was actually high-centered because at least one tire was not touching anything!  My wonderful husband by this time had already been shoveling snow for about 30 minutes before he moved to start shoveling the street.  He shoveled out a path for our tires...nothing.  He put ice melt on the street to melt the ice from our spinning tires...nothing.  Planks...nothing. 

We rocked the car back and forth for what seemed like forever.  Seriously, it was a very long time.  I was behind the wheel and Steven was pushing from the front to dislodge the car from the snow bank.  It was terribly exciting.  Especially when I was throwing the car into reverse, gunning it, and then throwing it into drive while gunning it.  All the while praying I didn't run over my husband.  Yeah, good times.

We eventually made it backwards about three feet and decided we couldn't make it to the hospital after all.  The decision to get the car back into the drive was easier said than done.  And I do mean that oh so literally.

Steven cleared another path, a wider one this time, while our oldest started clearing the drive from the garage out.  It was very slow going as I sat in the warm car watching them shovel snow.  ;-) 

After Steven had cleared a space of about 5 feet in front of me I decided to try and make it up into the driveway.  It worked and I gunned it a little too much.  The car lurched and started sliding right for Steven.  I mean the car was going 100mph and spinning wildly out of control.  No, really. 

Okay, it wasn't going that fast but it scared the stuffing out of me.  And it didn't help any.  I went sideways and had to back up to where I had been previously.   grrr.  More work for the shovelers so I could straighten out and get back on the right path. 

More rocking.  More tire spinning.  More ice forming under spinning tires. 

This time when I rocked the car back and forth I made it about three feet.  We almost threw a party!  It was pretty exciting but then I looked at how far we had to go and the party ended.  They were out there working hard and I was in the car crying.  Yeah, I was crying.  My step-dad was having surgery this morning and we were trying to get to the hospital to sit with my mom.  My sister couldn't get out of her town so mom was alone. 

Steven worked quickly and we were able to get the car back in the garage just under an hour and a half after we left.  We were successful and I started crying even more.  sigh.

We went back into the house to some happy kiddos.  Well, they were happy we weren't going to be gone for the day but sad we couldn't see Papaw and Memaw. 

A few hours later we talked to my mom and she really wanted some company so she said she would come and get us.  But we didn't want her driving on our street so Steven and I walked two or three blocks to get us to the main road to wait for her. 

We misjudged the time and had to wait for almost 20 minutes!  We probably looked like vagabonds standing in the street (the sidewalks were knee-deep with snow) just waiting.  But it was kinda fun too!  We laughed and joked and I made ice with my feet.  Seriously I did.  The boots I borrowed from my 11yo-yes her feet are bigger than mine-don't have any insulation so I was losing heat through the soles of my feet.  The boots would stick to the snow causing it to melt and then I would pack it down and it would get slick.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Steven did not.  lol

Mom came, we went to the hospital, we stayed until he was out.  He is doing alright.  My dad came to get us and drove us home.  The roads were getting worse.  Even his 4wheel drive was struggling. 

We made it home to five extremely happy kids and a clean kitchen.  ;-) 

We had burritos for dinner and made snow ice cream for dessert.  It is so stinkin' yummy and rich. 

All in all it has been a grand adventure this little snow storm of ours!

Snow Ice Cream:

1 can Condensed Milk
1 tsp Vanilla (I used our homemade)
10 cups snow (we used 20)

mix and enjoy


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sickness and Silence

We have had sickness in our house.  All but one of the girls have had it with Sweet Pea having it the worst.  :(  She was sick all week and weekend. 

But, I have some pictures to share to get you by until I have time to post again! lol

Steven gave me m&m's for vday and I shared!

Wrestling with Dad went oh so wrong for the 13yo!

The wrong holiday is represented with these GIANT pellets.  heehee

 So there is us in a nutshell.  ;-)  Hopefully the girls will feel better in the morning and life will resume. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

They call me...

crazy light bulb lady.

No, seriously they do.  When I went through the line at Wal-Mart today the checker looked at the conveyor belt I had filled and her eyes grew to the size of saucers.  "Wow, that's like a lot of light bulbs."  She truly said like that many times.  I am not even lying to you.

I must admit it was an impressive amount of light bulb purchase but I absolutely refuse to buy those curly new ones that are so much better that you have to have a haz-mat team come in and clean them up.  (getting off the soap box before this turns into a raving lunatic rant against light bulbs, government, big brother, and being told what to do!)

So, I buy light bulbs in bulk.  Is that so unusual?  I mean come on.  We have a lot of light fixtures in the house and they need light bulbs.  For some reason the kids don't like reading by candle light to do homework! lol

Here is my stash.  I would have bought more but couldn't remember the sizes I needed!

It's not that many is it?  I haven't turned into the crazy cat lady have I?

If I have, someone please tell me.  Not that I would change anything but at least I would know.  Ya know?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Avoiding Burnout in Homeschooling

by Israel Wayne
2013 Convention Speaker

Has your decision to homeschool your children ever left you feeling tired, overwhelmed or stressed out? As a student who was homeschooled (my family began homeschooling in 1978), I have learned a few things over the years about how to avoid burnout in your homeschool. 

One of the most common reasons for weariness and frustration among homeschooling parents is the weight of self-inflicted deadlines and standards. It is good, of course, to have goals in mind, but we must always ask ourselves: "Am I seeking to do the Lord's will, or am I merely pursuing my own agenda?" 

As Christian families, we need to view homeschooling not as a glorious end, in and of itself, but rather as a means to an end. The main goal is to raise children who love the Lord, and are committed to following Christ. It is not to produce robots that can recite random facts and data at the drop of a hat.  What a child knows is really insignificant compared to what he or she believes.

We must move beyond facts to convictions. It is vital that our children know: 
1. What they believe. 
2. Why their beliefs are true. 
3. How to articulate their beliefs.
4. How to live their beliefs consistently.

To read more sign up for the TPA Newsletter here and have it emailed directly to your inbox.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Downside

After a week of practices and being up late for performances followed by an equally busy weekend we all felt punky.  A few of us actually got sick.  :(

Sore throats and stuffy sinuses had been plaguing a couple of different family members, yes they were snotty!  heehee  But come Monday, more of us were going down.  By Monday night two had fevers and needed medicine.  Tuesday morning found a different two sick!  lol  One seemed to get better after a few doses of meds but another needed to be added.  The one that worries me most is the 11yo, Peanut.  After her sinus surgeries I worry that we won't catch her infections in time and she will have more problems like last time. 

But for now it is just a wait and see and make sure they get better.  And that no one else gets it.  That's what large families are great at...sharing!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

So Stinkin' Proud

Last night's show was just as wonderful as opening night.  No, it might have been more wonderful.  I had several cast members come up and ask if they could do some improve between scenes.  Yes, you read that right.  4th-High Schoolers are asking to do improve in front of an audience!  They are just that comfortable with each other and trust each other enough to wing it like that.  Awesome. 

In all I think there were four mini-scenes that were totally improv'd last night.  We had a few costume changes that were incredibly quick and needed extra time between scenes-the kids stepped up to help without a second thought. 

There was also a lot of improv going on during scenes too.  It was fantastic.  I loved every minute of it. 

I loved the cast party too.  Where else can you get a group of 25 kids in your house and not worry about a thing?  They were all respectful and watched out for each other.  They mingled with the adults, they joked around, and they did Just Dance 4 until the basement smelled like sweaty kids.  It was kinda gross but oh so fun to watch! 

Did I mention that I love these kids?  I seriously do.

Now I'm getting excited about next year...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Opening Night

Cinderella Redux opened tonight to a full house!  I couldn't believe it was so packed in there.  It made me a little nervous, honestly. 

But, the kids were ready.  We prayed before-hand and expected God to show up.

He did.  I have prayed all week for God to allow these kids to shine.  They love acting together, being together, and learning to be better actors and I wanted that to come through in their performances.  I wanted the audience to see that love and know my kids the way I do. 

It happened tonight.  It really did. 

The kids were completely 'on' from the first sentence of the first scene.  They were completely in character and were adding subtle things to bring it up a notch or ten.  They were ad-libbing and using their entire bodies to tell their story.  It was awesome to behold. 

There were a few mistakes but there was always someone there to cover for them and the audience was none the wiser.  The crowd was laughing almost constantly and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The kids were beaming at the end.  I think they could feel how well they did. 

I really almost cried with how proud I was/am of them. 

Let me just say...I love directing these kids.  It is stressful and completely time consuming but it is so worth it in the end.  I am already looking forward to next year's play!

Look What I did

I wrote a book. I mostly was just playing around with it but let my sister read it and then a friend read it and they really liked it. My sister suggested putting it on Amazon so I did. (oh yes, my oldest daughter loved it too and wants credit for saying so!)

Unfortunately, I loaded the wrong file. You know the one that wasn't spell-checked? yeah, awesome. So, I am in the process of updating the Kindle content today. They will send update notices when it is ready. The paperback had the appropriate content so it's all good. ;-)

Since I write the way I talk it won't be eveyone's cup of tea but I think it is an interesting read.

That should take you to the Kindle edition and just a little ways down is a listing of the paperback version. See what you think. If you love it, leave a review and tell me. If you don't...don't make me cry! lol


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mosaic Reviews

Things are really starting to heat up over Mosaic Reviews.  We are filling out forms, seeing some of the items we are getting to review, and talking about upcoming possibilities. 

Oh it is so exciting!

First up is a Blog Planner that I am just loving, then is a curriculum for Money Management for kids, homeschool planners will be coming up soon, and a foreign language is in the works. 

See what I mean?  Good stuff coming up.

I have already received two of the above products and can't wait to see if I am lucky enough to receive the others. 

Be on the lookout for the reviews to start in a few weeks.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Sigh of Relief

To say that I have been a little scared about our homeschool play is an understatement.  It has been downright frightening the last month.  Between sickness and people not being at practices for this reason or that, we have only had half-dozen or so practices with everyone there. 

That has made this director stressed out beyond limits. 

But, we are down to the final week and I am happy to report that our practice today went much better.  It wasn't quite where I want it to be but it was so much better than the week before that I can't complain.  Much.

There were still a few spots that were scary but there were more amazing scenes to make up for it.  There were moments that actually took me by surprise and made me laugh out loud.  I even snorted a few times!!  These kids really do get acting and becoming their characters.  They are having fun and I am having fun watching them develop their talent and love for theater. 

I am still praying for good shows, don't get me wrong.  We have one more rehearsal on Wednesday and shows on Thursday and Friday.  The costumes are ready, the lighting is set, and make-up is planned...we are ready. 

Now, on to another theater practice for a different show! lol

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekends are for


Nah, not really.  They are for doing all the things you were too busy to do during the week. Right?  Of course, right!

Last weekend was no different.  While we don't have soccer going on at the moment we had a basketball game for a friend to go to, call backs for Triple Threat Music Theater Co., a Sunday School party for Steven and I-just on Saturday.  Sunday we had to go out of town for Steven to sing at his brothers' church and then come home to get ready for friends to come over for the Super Bowl. 

It was a pretty hectic weekend but it was good. 

Bug got sick Sunday(tonight) night so we'll see where that goes.  :(

Now, to get ready for the next 9 weeks of school and our performances of our play for our homeschool group.  *sigh*

Friday, February 1, 2013

Those Homeschoolers...

Our homeschool group is doing a play, as you know, and today and yesterday we put on a 10 minute or so performance for the preschool at the church.  We did this last year as well and it was a great experience for our kids.

This year, not so much.  Well, okay that's not entirely was just different.

The play we are doing is not intended for young audiences so we-meaning I- chose little parts of scenes that seemed appropriate. 

Yeah, not so much.

Thursday we did our first scene and as one of the actors said the beginning words of one of his lines I knew we were in trouble.  Why you ask?  Well, the sentence ended with 'honey butt.'  Yup, that's right, honey butt.  I hung my head in shame.

But before that there was the s-word.  No, not that one.  Come on, give me some credit.  The word was 'stupid.' 

Not cool in a theater of 3 and 4 year olds.  Not cool indeed.

We changed those words for the next performance and all was well.

Until today.

We had to choose a different scene because some of our actors couldn't be there today.  No big deal, we just performed a different scene.  Only when I talked to the kids beforehand to explain why Hansel and Gretel were in the Cinderella story they started talking about witches.  Yeah, at a Christian preschool.  It was awesome.  >insert heavy sarcasm here<

Immediately following the performance we were asked not to do that scene again.  I completely understood and we changed it up for the afternoon scenes.  Unfortunately we didn't have all the actors we needed for any of the other scenes! 

But, we are actors so we can improvise. 

I pulled three actors and put them up there with books in hand and started them on a different scene.  Then someone said nincompoop.  I was really questioning my judgment at this point.  It just could not end fast enough.

The actors muddled through and we got some laughs out of what they were doing on stage and it helped to solidify the relationships among the group but I'm afraid it didn't leave a great impression of our acting abilities!

There are some great stories that have arisen from this experience and I'm sure we will be talking about it for a long time to come.