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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Refresh Me, Please

I know I have posted about our homeschool group before.  I will most likely continue to do so bc I love it.  I love them.

So, here's another post about them! lol

This past weekend we had our annual Mom's Retreat.  It has become a weekend I long for especially this time of year.  Know what I mean?  Each year we take a weekend, go to a hotel or retreat, and just fellowship.

This year was no different. 

Except we had the biggest snow storm in our area in recent history.  That changed our plans and we couldn't start the retreat on Friday like we planned.  I was very disappointed but it was the right decision.  For the safety of everyone. 

We did head out early Saturday morning to get the fun started.  By 10:30 most everyone was there with a few showing up later in the day but we started with lunch and then a Bible time.  A sweet sister prepared a lesson for us based on the story of Mary and Martha and required us to dig deep and get real.  It was a very sweet time of searching our hearts with God's purpose in time.  I will be thinking on those things for a long time to come.

Next we started our craft time.  Oh yeah, we do crafts!   We painted some canvases with chalkboard paint and painted the phrase, "Deeply, Madly, Truly, Since 1992" on them.  They are so cool.  I love it.  Then we ate some more! lol  After dinner we sat down to start knitting. 

Me...knitting.  I know, right?  But, I said I would try.  Our friend, Sara, said she could teach anyone to knit and I trusted her.  I was so nervous because I have tried things like that before and could never get it figured out.  I have wanted to, would love to, but always failed.

Until now.  She was such a patient teacher and willingly went over each step multiple times to make sure we all understood.  She also went hands on for us and showed us on our pieces of yarn how to accomplish it. 

And guess what?  I did it!  It took me ever so long but I made a scarf/cowl thing.  It isn't perfect but it is all mine made by me and I LOVE IT!!  I enjoyed it so much I went out and bought more yarn and crochet hooks to make more.   :-D 

We stayed up Saturday night talking until sometime after 2am.  The next morning was semi-leisurely with coffee and more talking before breakfast.  We talked and ate and did a little discussing the coming year for our high schoolers.  But mostly we fellowshiped.

We had a small devotional time and then a wonderful prayer time before we left.  It was simple and perfect. 

I so look forward to this time every year.  It refreshes me and gives us time to connect as women and not just homeschooling mommas.  I am so grateful that our group of ladies love one another and are willing to give up time from their families to rejuvenate one another.

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