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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crazy things

So, you know I have some health issues that I deal with.  I moan and complain about them periodically and then get over it.  It's not been too bad lately.  In fact, my calcium has been pretty good for going on three years or so now.  Not much to complain about.

But lately I have been getting more and more tired.  Yeah, I know, I'm a mom of five, we homeschool, I direct plays, have kids in outside activities...I have a reason to be tired.   This is more.  But it came on so gradually I didn't notice right away.

Not until Monday night.  I stayed up with the older girls having a mini-movie night and doing some work.  We went to bed a little before midnight and I was going to read in bed for a bit to wind down.  I got ready for bed as usual and climbed in with my phone ready.  I had just lain down when my heart started beating crazy hard.  It has done that from time to time and always goes away.  It didn't this time.  It got worse.  I felt like I needed to cough so I did and it got even worse.  My head was full of noise and my vision started going black.  My heart pounded harder and I blacked out.  Not for long but my phone landed on my chest and I was a little freaked out.

I laid there for a bit waiting for my heart beat to slow down and was dizzy with pressure on my chest.  Thankfully there were some friends up and they started praying for me.  A bit later it felt like it was starting again but it subsided.  I fell asleep a short while later and slept the rest of the night.

The next morning, Tuesday, Steven thought I should call the doctor and let them know what had happened.  I did.  He wanted me to up my water, eat every hour, and rest to see if it was low blood sugar.  If it didn't get better by lunch I had to go in.

I went in around 1.  My blood pressure was normal and he couldn't see anything that stuck out to have caused the problem.  He drew blood and ran a bunch of tests.  A few were run stat so we could figure this out.

That evening around 7pm our doctor called.  You know it's never good news if the doctor is calling you himself! lol  Thankfully we have a fantastic doctor that we have been going to for over 20 years and treats us like family.  ;-)  Anyway, he wanted Steven and I on the phone together.  Again, not good news. 

He proceeded to tell me that my calcium numbers were higher than they have been since my hospital stay.  Yay!  That is great news.  But there was a but.  My blood sugar was a smidge low but not a problem.  Other things were a smidge this or that but not alarming or needing dealt with.  The thyroid numbers were a different story.  My T4 levels were way low and my TSH which should have been no higher than 5 was well over 100.  Yeah, you read that right.  That is so not good.

He ordered a different brand of meds to see if that would help and said he would think about why it wasn't working.  We hung up and Steven and I started talking about what was going on.  No sooner had we started our conversation than the phone rang again.  Yup, it was the doctor again.  He had looked at my chart and found the last time my thyroid was acting up I had heart palpitations.  So he ordered a heart echo to see if it was my heart causing fits of its own or was exacerbated by the thyroid. 


So not what you want to hear considering on a Tuesday evening, right?  Well, any evening really considering my grandfather died of heart problems and my dad has a pace maker and had open heart surgeries with multiple stints.  Gotta love genetics, right?

We are praying that there is no problem with my heart and that it is caused by my bodies apparent lack of cooperating with any meds I take that is causing the problem.

In the meantime I have a reason for feeling so lethargic and forgetful and cranky.  It doesn't really help except now I know.  And it's going to take several months for any meds to start working and for me to feel it.  Oh yeah, life is awesome that way.

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