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Thursday, February 14, 2013

They call me...

crazy light bulb lady.

No, seriously they do.  When I went through the line at Wal-Mart today the checker looked at the conveyor belt I had filled and her eyes grew to the size of saucers.  "Wow, that's like a lot of light bulbs."  She truly said like that many times.  I am not even lying to you.

I must admit it was an impressive amount of light bulb purchase but I absolutely refuse to buy those curly new ones that are so much better that you have to have a haz-mat team come in and clean them up.  (getting off the soap box before this turns into a raving lunatic rant against light bulbs, government, big brother, and being told what to do!)

So, I buy light bulbs in bulk.  Is that so unusual?  I mean come on.  We have a lot of light fixtures in the house and they need light bulbs.  For some reason the kids don't like reading by candle light to do homework! lol

Here is my stash.  I would have bought more but couldn't remember the sizes I needed!

It's not that many is it?  I haven't turned into the crazy cat lady have I?

If I have, someone please tell me.  Not that I would change anything but at least I would know.  Ya know?

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Libby@Everything's Coming Up Green said...

Pu-lease, the cart isn't even half filled. I'm sure crazier things have gone through her line.

It's like when I went through the check out at the beginning of the month with 5 dz eggs and 5 smaller bottles of maple syrup. Half way through the girl finally got the courage to ask if I was making a big breakfast. I kindly told her no, that they had the best price on the eggs and syrup and that the store was too far away for me to warrant more then one trip a month, so I was purchasing what I needed for the month. She was just like "oh", and nothing else was said on the subject. I chuckled inside a little. I'll give her credit that she was high school age and had no concept of food budgets and buying ahead.