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Friday, February 1, 2013

Those Homeschoolers...

Our homeschool group is doing a play, as you know, and today and yesterday we put on a 10 minute or so performance for the preschool at the church.  We did this last year as well and it was a great experience for our kids.

This year, not so much.  Well, okay that's not entirely was just different.

The play we are doing is not intended for young audiences so we-meaning I- chose little parts of scenes that seemed appropriate. 

Yeah, not so much.

Thursday we did our first scene and as one of the actors said the beginning words of one of his lines I knew we were in trouble.  Why you ask?  Well, the sentence ended with 'honey butt.'  Yup, that's right, honey butt.  I hung my head in shame.

But before that there was the s-word.  No, not that one.  Come on, give me some credit.  The word was 'stupid.' 

Not cool in a theater of 3 and 4 year olds.  Not cool indeed.

We changed those words for the next performance and all was well.

Until today.

We had to choose a different scene because some of our actors couldn't be there today.  No big deal, we just performed a different scene.  Only when I talked to the kids beforehand to explain why Hansel and Gretel were in the Cinderella story they started talking about witches.  Yeah, at a Christian preschool.  It was awesome.  >insert heavy sarcasm here<

Immediately following the performance we were asked not to do that scene again.  I completely understood and we changed it up for the afternoon scenes.  Unfortunately we didn't have all the actors we needed for any of the other scenes! 

But, we are actors so we can improvise. 

I pulled three actors and put them up there with books in hand and started them on a different scene.  Then someone said nincompoop.  I was really questioning my judgment at this point.  It just could not end fast enough.

The actors muddled through and we got some laughs out of what they were doing on stage and it helped to solidify the relationships among the group but I'm afraid it didn't leave a great impression of our acting abilities!

There are some great stories that have arisen from this experience and I'm sure we will be talking about it for a long time to come.

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