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Monday, December 22, 2008

I stole another one...

I stole another picture from my thither, Robin. I had to. I don't like too many pictures of me and so when she takes a good one, I just *have* to take it. :)

Listen Carefully...

My friend Kristine has posted this and it is so bad and funny that I just had to post it as well. :)

Follow this link and click on the play button and make sure that your volume is up, but not too much. Listen all the way to the end, there are special treats all the way through. :-D

*I am getting ready to leave to go shopping and don't have time to like to Kristine's blog, sorry.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where have I been?

WOW! I cannot believe that I haven't posted since November!

I finally figured out why I haven't posted in so long. Well, one of the reasons has been life. Sickness in our lives to be more accurate. We have had colds, strep, stomach bugs, food poisoning, and being just plain old tired. Life has been so busy for us this season and we have vowed to never be this busy during the holiday season again. Really.

Now for the other reason for not posting. My new laptop. What? Wait a minute, I thought that a laptop was a good thing. I thought you were excited to have it and that it was going to make your life a little easier.

It is a good thing. It has made my life a little easier. It has just made it a little too easy. I now can sit and check my email on the couch while the kids watch a little t.v. and I can sit on the couch while my dh is checking his email or finding more things for his Crackberry, I mean Blackberry.

I cannot, however, update my blog while I am sitting on the couch. I have tried and it is just not physically possible.

The reason?

I don't want to load the pictures from my camera onto the laptop. I want the laptop to be mainly for school things and don't want the pictures split between the main computer and the laptop.

Why is that a problem?

Well, I cannot seem to force myself to post unless I can put pictures with it. It is a weakness that I am trying to work on, it is just not going well. :)

So, I am going to vow to do better and try and get some of the NUMEROUS pictures that I have taken since posting the last time put on the main computer and then posted on here.

I cannot guarantee anything, though!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My New Hair!

For my friends that aren't on Facebook, I am posting a picture here. I dyed my hair at my mom's this weekend!

Here are some pics:

Not too bad is it?

Craft Day, finally!

I am finally getting my Craft Day pics up.

It was only a week and a half ago. :)

My mom's rental car was a PT Cruiser! That is so not fair.

The boys out doing work of some kind. ;)

At least she got something done!

She was working very hard, too.

Deep Fried Pickles. Can you say YUMMO?

Becky and Tater. (my sister and my niece)

Bec working hard.

Em eating...

Robin eating...

My new coffee mug! Isn't is beautiful?

There are more and there is a video clip that I will have to add later. For now, I am going to bed!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Special Blessing

Today was our youngest dds day to get the mail. (yes, we have assigned days!) When we went out to get the mail, we were surprised by a wonderful blessing.

We received letters from some very special friends. Actually, they are more than just friends, they are family.

Grandpa Richard and Grandma Ida have been a very important part of our lives for many years. Ida is my mentor. She is, well, she is a very dear woman whom I love very much.

Richard is a quiet source of strength and wisdom. And we love his quiet humor!

They moved away from us several years ago and we have been in mourning ever since. We have been able to visit only once and it wasn't nearly a long enough time to stay.

Hopefully we will be able to go out this spring, if they are willing to have us??

Can you see our youngest? She was quite comfortable snuggled up with Grandma Ida.

Grandpa Richard held them captive with ice cream and train talk! ;-)

We love you guys and cannot wait to be able to hug you again. Blessings to you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Um, yeah, I stole it...

I totally stole this picture from my thither'th blog. I just had to. I think it is a very good picture of us. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What was she thinking?

Follow this link and listen to what Joy from the view thinks about homeschoolers. It is indicitave of what they think of anyone who doesn't fall in line with their 'views'. Yet again, ABC has something to apologize for. Will they, I doubt it.

You have to go through an advertisement to get to the clip. Sorry abou that, I just wanted to get it directly from the ABC website. When the clip comes up, Joy's comments are around the -3:08 mark.