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Who am I?

I am a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, sister, friend, and above all else a daughter of The King.  We chose to homeschool our children early on because of what was being taught in Public Schools.  We decided that we wanted to be in control of what they learned and when they learned it.

It is a decision that we have never regretted.  (some days the yellow school bus looks mighty tempting but I always come back to my senses after chocolate and coffee!)

We live each day to the fullest and sometimes we fail.  Miserably.  Praise God we get a new start every day to try again. 

This blog is just a glimpse inside my mind...scary isn't it?  ;)

I also have a weight loss blog that is just starting up called, Weighing Hearts.

Come join in the fun and drama that is our lives.

Need to contact me?  Try me at