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Monday, February 25, 2013

Say Not Sweet Anne Blog Planner Review

Let's face it we all need help planning.  Whether it's planning for house cleaning, school, and even blogging.  Okay, maybe it's just me that needs help remembering to blog and check give-a ways and share on social media sights.  Please say I'm not the only one.

Whew!  Now that we've got that out of the way let's talk about my review today.  For Mosaic Reviews our first review is for Blog Planners.  We got to choose the one that looked like it would fit us best and I chose the one from Say Not Sweet Anne.  I liked the look and layout and the fact that it came in so many colors! 

But wait, first things first.  Say Not Sweet Anne has designed a blogging planner to help you keep up on all your posts, give-a ways, followers, comments, subscribers, and comments.  It has almost everything you need to keep track of your blog.

At SayNotSweetAnne, she offers a great post about her planner that includes pictures and descriptions.  She has an amazing website and offers really great things to read and download.  Hop over there and check it out!

I'm going to go ahead and tell you about the planner and how I used it. 

First you have to click on the Download File Now and that takes you to her Facebook page.  Here you will see the list of colors and choices you have.  The color choices are Blue, Teal, Purple, Gray, Pink, and Black/White.  You can also choose to have Notes or not on each color. 

Once you choose the one you want, save it to your computer then you can begin.  I chose Blue with Notes and couldn't wait to start printing.  Now, she recommends using a heavier weight paper so the color won't bleed through but I didn't have any problems with that.  But, my printer was starting to run out of ink so it could be a problem if the color were stronger.  I did print on both sides of the paper so it would be less of a footprint and use less paper.  I'm glad I did.  This is a big planner!

See the color?  Mine's a little off.  The true color would be spectacular.

The printing went easily and soon I was ready to assemble it.  I wish I would have used a heavier weight paper for the covers but that's okay, it's working.  I made sure the planner was in order and set about binding it.  I used my Pro-Click to bind it bc I am crazy about the bindings!

The planner was ready to use and it just sat there.  I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by it.  There is so much in there to use and I have never planned what to post before so I wasn't sure where to start. 

I decided to start at the beginning!  I started filling in the first page of Important Information and went from there.  Pretty soon, I was planning like crazy. 

I filled in some post ideas in the month view calendar, jotted down some project ideas for the layout of my blog, and wrote a to-do list.    I was on my way to an organized blog!

As reviews are coming in I am using this planner to schedule those reviews so that none of them get lost in the shuffle.  Awesome!  I was getting excited again just seeing all the days filling up.  It's like when you have a menu plan, you can relax because you can just look at the schedule and see what is expected of the day.  It's a great feeling.

So, I used the different areas of the planner but I just couldn't bring myself to use a certain section.  After the month view, each week is broken down so you can look at two weeks at a time and see things like, number of posts, comments, visits, subscribers, likes, and followers.  I don't use that section, nor do I think I ever will.  I'm just not into to tracking those things.  Oh, I did get into it for a while but then I lost sight of why I blogged in the first place.  So for me, I just don't use that part.  No biggie.  I know it would be handy for the bigger bloggers that use their blogs for their businesses or are trying to grow their readership.

I loved jotting down items in the notes and projects ideas.  It was a great place to remind myself to check on the layout and any blinkies that stopped working. It was there every time I opened the planner so I couldn't forget like I had been doing.  Then in the two page Notes pages I was able to write down things that happened that would be great blog posts.  No more trying to remember all those funny stories later and getting frustrated because I can't.  These pages are a great way to keep track of them for later. 

Now, the one thing this planner didn't have that I wished it would have was a way to remind myself to share my posts on other social media sites.  I have a hard time remembering to do that and so having that in the blog planner would be just about perfect. 

If this planner sounds like something that you would love just head over to SayNotSweetAnne and snag one for yourself.  They are FREE!!  I am not even kidding.  She created this amazing planner and is sharing it with us.  Fantastic, right? 

Go on, get over there; you know you want to!  While you're there check out her recipes, DIY's, and printables.  You won't be disappointed.

While you're out surfing the web, head over to Mosaic Reviews and check out all the other great reviews and see which planners the other reviewers chose.  Click here to check them out!


Unknown said...

Great Review! I really like this planner and might have to see if my XL printer cartridge can handle it. :)

Erika ~ Prey Species @ said...

I hadn't really considered using her planner before I read this, I want to go check it out again - you did a better job of selling it on your site than she did on hers :) Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

momma24 said...

Thank you for those kind words. Yes, it takes a lot of ink!