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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Downside

After a week of practices and being up late for performances followed by an equally busy weekend we all felt punky.  A few of us actually got sick.  :(

Sore throats and stuffy sinuses had been plaguing a couple of different family members, yes they were snotty!  heehee  But come Monday, more of us were going down.  By Monday night two had fevers and needed medicine.  Tuesday morning found a different two sick!  lol  One seemed to get better after a few doses of meds but another needed to be added.  The one that worries me most is the 11yo, Peanut.  After her sinus surgeries I worry that we won't catch her infections in time and she will have more problems like last time. 

But for now it is just a wait and see and make sure they get better.  And that no one else gets it.  That's what large families are great at...sharing!

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