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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Opening Night

Cinderella Redux opened tonight to a full house!  I couldn't believe it was so packed in there.  It made me a little nervous, honestly. 

But, the kids were ready.  We prayed before-hand and expected God to show up.

He did.  I have prayed all week for God to allow these kids to shine.  They love acting together, being together, and learning to be better actors and I wanted that to come through in their performances.  I wanted the audience to see that love and know my kids the way I do. 

It happened tonight.  It really did. 

The kids were completely 'on' from the first sentence of the first scene.  They were completely in character and were adding subtle things to bring it up a notch or ten.  They were ad-libbing and using their entire bodies to tell their story.  It was awesome to behold. 

There were a few mistakes but there was always someone there to cover for them and the audience was none the wiser.  The crowd was laughing almost constantly and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The kids were beaming at the end.  I think they could feel how well they did. 

I really almost cried with how proud I was/am of them. 

Let me just say...I love directing these kids.  It is stressful and completely time consuming but it is so worth it in the end.  I am already looking forward to next year's play!

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