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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ethics 101

The Thursday before we went to camp we went to a movie for family night. Now, we have a theatre that shows the movies that are just about to go to video and so they only charge $2 a ticket. We love this theatre!! It is a lot cheaper for the tickets, however the snacks are still INCREDIBLY expensive. Sooo, we bring our own snacks that we buy at Wal-Mart. Our children have never said anything because doing it this way we get much more of a selection and then we can buy 2 drinks at the theatre. It has always worked out great until, our 8yodd asked us this particular evening if we were supposed to be bringing in our own snacks. I was honest and said "No, but..." I thoroughly explained that if we did not do this we could not get snacks and maybe not go to the theatre sometimes. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, "It's still wrong though, isn't it?"

Now why did she have to go and be my conscience and all that? I will never be able to go to the theatre again and feel comfortable with bringing my own snacks. I really hate it when my kids actually listen to what I said and then bring it up to me later!!


Kristine said...

OUCH! It sounds like your dd will be happy to just go to the movie and NOT have any treats until afterwards!

momma24 said...

Unfortunately, yes!!! I think I am the one who wants the snacks during the movie! LOL

Unknown said...

(Can you tell I'm spending my New Year's Day catching up on blog reading? It's too cold to paint!)

My MIL and SIL always bring their own snacks into the theater. I just can't do it. So we rarely go to the movies unless we can afford the snacks. We did go this past Friday to see Nat'l Treasure 2 and spent :::gasp::: $4 for a bottle of water. Yikes! That hurt.

It's really ridiculous, the prices of the snacks and drinks. There should be a price cap, like the president puts on gas prices. Perhaps we should lobby Congress. :^D