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Monday, January 20, 2014

Soccer, Why do You do This?

Bethany was playing indoor soccer with a great team. They lost every game but improved so much they didn't look like the same team at the end of the season. AND the girls were so positive and kept their heads up even though they lost. They learned something at every game and gave 110% every time.

But...Bethany was finally able to play after her injury during the fall of AYSO and was enjoying it pretty well when a girl kicked Beth from behind and caused her to roll her ankle.

It immediately started swelling and bruising. It didn't look good. And of course the game was at 10pm so the only option was the emergency room. Not gonna happen unless there is blood or a limb is hanging on by a thread. Sorry.

We iced it and took her home. It got worse. It got bigger. And uglier. I was worried.

We waited until Monday when we could see our doctor. The soccer season was getting ready to start in a few weeks and she needed to be ready for it. But it didn't look like that was going to happen.

Thankfully the doctor told us it was just a bad sprain\strain. She would be fine would have to stay off of it for several weeks.

You can imagine the groaning and gnashing of teeth that took place when he said that! We are counting our blessings though and not going to complain...much!

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