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Friday, August 26, 2011

I thought it was a good idea...

For those of you that remember the infamous Library Walk don't judge me too harshly for what I'm about to post.

We did it again. Only this time we rode our bikes. I know, I know. BUT, it had been a long week of being stuck indoors due to the surgery on Monday and we were all going a bit ugly, screaming banshees stir crazy.


The older two begged cried pleaded bribed asked if they could ride their bikes to the library.  I think Sweet Pea might have indicated that she had been bribed, but I couldn't prove that in a court of law.  ;-)  However, I did hear something to the effect of, "If she let's us go, you owe me big time."  heehee

I actually thought about it for a minute second millisecond before saying no.  Really I did.  As a mother you are blessed with lightning quick cognitive skills when problems such as this are presented to you.  Just don't ask where I put my keys and we'll be fine! 

Anyway, back to the library ride.  The girls immediately obeyed and found something else to do started whining and saying how unfair life was.  yeah, like I don't know that one.  >snort<  After an eternity enormously long time okay, 10 minutes of listening to the reasons of why I should let them go, I decided to just have everyone go. 

Now that I am sitting on a very sore bottom, I'm not sure why I made that decision.  ;-)

Yes, we were all going to ride our bikes the 10 miles uphill in snowstorm carrying every book we owned couple of miles to and from the library. 

Awesome.  We will get out of the house, get exercise, and take back library books.  Score!  Oh, I should mention here that Steven had taken our van to work since his is on the fritz.  There really was no other option for getting out of the house this particular day.  Great excuse for the torture exercise, right?!

I hastily got dressed and yelled hollered lovingly told the girls they had five minutes to meet me in the garage or else so we could get going.  They obediently rolled their eyes and got moving.  The next thing I remember is two of them coming at me with worry concern death rays shining brightly from their eyes.  Three Four of the bikes had flat tires as well as the bike trailer for Bug. 

No problem.  We Steven has an air compressor for just such an occasion.  I moved the car out of the garage and proceeded to air up the tires. 

The bikes were lined up staring at me mocking me daring me waiting for me to get going.  Only I couldn't.  The air compressor is a menacing beast that will not be tamed by more than one master.  I am not that master.

The little beast frighteningly loud object of derision handy tool was just sitting there waiting for me to figure it out.  I am sad embarrassed stupid enough to say that it took me more than twenty minutes to figure it out.  Now before you judge me too harshly laugh your hineys off, there is a special trick that I wasn't made aware of before today.  I think this is one of those crouching tiger hidden dragon stupid ninja tricks quirky little tips that Steven always forgets to tell me about so he can laugh about it later kind of deals.

I struggled and prayed cursed quite a bit until one of the girls blurted out, "Let's just quit and stay home." 

My head whipped around 360* and pea soup shot out of my mouth I lovingly looked up at my spawn daughter and gently forcefully instructed her about not giving in up.  We were going to do this if it took all day.

We called Steven and he instructed us on the crouching tiger hidden dragon stupid ninja tricks but it still would not work.  I thought very bad thoughts about an inanimate object prayed that we could get this to work for the sake of the kids because I desperately needed to get out of the house so we could all have a break and tried one more time.  The last time I tried I am sure that I heard a maniacal laugh coming from the vicinity of the little beast because I was finally successful.  BUT, it had its revenge on me for even tempting to break into its inner circle.  As I pushed the attachment into the female receptor-Steven's words not mine-air shot out of it in a mad flurry rage induced revenge quick burst and suctioned the bike attachment to my palm.  Then it released me just in time to feel the excruciating bone chilling momentary burn of its revenge.  I jumped back from the beast in terror...but I was successful.

I had conquered the beast!  We aired up the tires and ran away from the beast left on our trip. 

The ride itself was uneventful thankfully.  But now I am a little more than frightened to go into the garage.  I am sure that I can hear menacing laughter coming from Steven's side of the garage.  I know it's just waiting for me to attempt to use it again.   I'm worried about what it's planning for the future.


Kristine said...

Bahaha! You had plenty of opportunity to back out and you still did it! YIPPEE, Renita, you GO, girl!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow!
My bike has a flat tire right now.