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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well Planned Day Review and GIVE AWAY!!

It's no surprise to anyone that knows me-I am a curriculum junkie.  But what may surprise some is that I am also an organizing junkie.  I don't always-read ever-use what I buy, I just like the looks of them so I buy them!  lol  I would love to be organized.  I'm just a little too lazy. 

I also love planners.  I have spent quite a bit of money on them over the years and they almost always end up on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.  My interest in the wanes or they are just too much to comprehend and I feel guilty for not using them so I hide them.  Anybody know what I mean?  Come on, I can't be the only one out there can I?

Oh, I hope not!

So, my endless pursuit of a planner that I love and that I will actually use is an ongoing yearly search that drives me to the breaking point.  I had all but given up until I happened on a booth at a homeschool convention.  The people in the booth were so nice and helpful and their planners had such pretty covers that I was drawn in.

Thank goodness the covers weren't the only things that these planners offered.  The more I looked at them the more convinced I became that I would actually use them. 

What happened next?  Yup, you guessed it I bought it.  :-)

I looked at it a little bit and was even more convinced that I had found what I was looking for.

What planner has me so enamored you ask?  Let me tell you.

The Well Planned Day.  I just love this planner!  There is so much more in it than just planning pages.  Let me list a few of the items you get when you buy this planner. 

Isn't it beautiful?!
From their website:

  • Spiral Bound with Three Hole Drilled to Fit into Binders-Love this!

  • Over 230 Full Color Pages-Beautiful colors

  • Full Year Planner: July 2011 - June 2012-how awesome is this?  we school year round and this is so helpful for us that we don't have to fill in for the 'other months' other planners don't cover

  • Home Management with weekly cleaning schedule, monthly projects, greeting card registry, and monthly budgeting.-don't we all need help in these areas? lol

  • NEW in 2011, Holiday Organization Section: Greeting card registry, activities and event schedules, gift giving, around town shopping, and internet shopping. -seriously cool!

  • Organize and plan for up to 4 children in one convenient book.-love that it is for FOUR kids!!

  • Four Student Class Plans: Schedule each student's class assignments.-yeah, love it!

  • Four Student Time Schedules: Track each day by the hour.-oh yeah!

  • Weekly Schedule: Organize your week with class assignments, weekly priorities, prayer requests, dinner menu, and notes.-love that the family can look at this and get a view of the week.

  • Month at a Glance: Plan field trips, enrichment activities and books to read-uber helpful

  • Semester Attendance & Progress Reports-these help this unorganized momma keep track!

  • Perforated Report Cards-love that these are handy to where the grades are, no hunting around for them and forgetting what I was doing bc something else distracted me.  ;-)

  • Menu Planning: Plan weekly meals and conveniently shop with perforated shopping lists.

  • Family Worship: Read through the Bible in a year.

  • Insightful homeschool articles and tips to inspire you throughout the year.

  • and much more....

  • When they say more, they really mean more.  I particularly love the Class Plan page for each student.  This page has a place for a photo of the child and spaces to fill in things like height, weight, age, strengths, challenges, and goals.  On the same page is a listing of the subjects they will be using for each semester and an option for putting the price down for budgeting.  You can also keep track of the expenses for curriculum for each child on the same page.  Awesome!

    I know that there are so many ways to use this planner but the way we have chosen to use it is this way.  I bought the two older girls The Well Planned Day planners for Middle/Junior High.  They plan using those planners on Sunday afternoon and then I take their planners and use them to fill in my planner.  I tried to plan out the subjects for them for the year but it always went badly.  So now I use my planner as more of a tracking planner.  I write down their plan for the week and then on Friday I check off each subject to see if they completed their scheduled work for the week.  It works famously. 

    Something else that helps lighten my heart are the articles.  Each month there is another article for encouragement.  They are relevant and well written articles that help to lighten the load of mommas everywhere.  What a nice break to pick up my planner and have an article just for me.

    This is such a well thought out and executed planner.  It is easy to use and frankly it makes me smile every time I pick it up.  It is just so pretty! 

    You should really check one out for yourself.  Really. Head over to this page and click on the button that says Preview Planner to see what I mean about this planner.  And while you are there, check out the other planners they have like the ones my girls use for Middle School/Junior High.  I can't wait until they are ready to use the High School Planners.  Oh and they also offer a PDF version of the planner that is worth checking out as well.  Don't forget the On The Go Planners that would easily fit into your purse.  Sweet!

    I almost forgot the binders.  Oh my goodness talk about pretty!  You just have to go look at those.  While you are there check out the Bundle Packages they have for the binders and planners.  They are pretty good deal!  

    Read on for the GIVE AWAY INFORMATION!

    I just love this planner so much that I am giving one away.  Yup, you read that right.  I bought one at convention and then the wonderful people at Home Educating Family Publishing sent me a planner to review so I am giving mine away.  It is brand spanking new and waiting to make someone else happy.  All you have to do is leave a comment telling me whether you are a planner or not.  That's it! 

    I will draw the name of one lucky winner on August 10th.  Make sure I have a way of contacting you, though.  :) 

    **I was given a copy of The Well Planned Day in exchange for my honest opinion.


    Sharon said...

    Definitely a planner......unfortunately not a very organized one. I do, however, dream of being perfectly day....

    Carissa Blanchard said...

    Nothing makes me happier than planning, well, maybe organizing a closet, but planning is a close second! I saw these planners at our convention too--so pretty!

    Thank you!

    Just an Average American Mom said...

    I would love to be a planner...but alas I must wake up to the real world.

    I start out organized and then somehow end up drowning in a sea of disorganization :(

    Maybe this would help??

    Unknown said...

    Just like you, love to plan, too lazy to implement or keep up with it lol. I've seen this planner as well, hope I win!

    Sheri said...

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this planner. Whoever wins it will be in for a treat. This is my second year using it. Highly recommend it!

    Resa said...

    I ditto Sheri's comment! I'm a planner and would love to win this to pass on to my new-to-homeschooling sis.

    TerriG said...

    I have procrastinated this year in my planning. Perhaps this could motivate me to get started. I just finally picked all of my curriculum and school starts for us in 4 weeks. I am a planner.

    momof3girls said...

    I LOVE planners! In my perfect world I would be super organized. Having a really cool planner makes me feel like I'm at least on the right path. LOL!

    berrypatch said...

    I love to plan. I just wish I loved to implement as much as I like planning. ;-) I come across as organized, but I don't feel I really am. I've been eyeing this planner for awhile. They were at our convention way back in March and I was VERY tempted to buy one, but I didn't. Maybe I'll win one instead! ;-)

    mjecpo said...

    I love to plan and have several items around the house that I've combined to use as planners for the activities, cards, events, school work, you get the idea. I would love to have it all in one spiral bound book, all in one place. ;o)

    Angela W. said...

    I'm definitely a planner! I love my color-coded pens, calendar, to-do lists. I've been looking at this planner for awhile. Hope I win this great giveaway!