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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Of Homeschooling and things

A new year has started. No, really it has. We were supposed to start the last week of July but then sickness and life happened so we moved the start date to August 1st. I had planned a rolling start of a kind so what happened this week was not as frustrating as it could have been.

Since two of the kids weren't back up to normal, we did Free School for the few subjects we were going to tackle each day.

I love Free School. :)

I finally got our schedule done and I think I am satisfied with it. It is the same schedule we have used for a year or two. You know, the one that changes subjects every thirty minutes and maps out our entire day for us. Yeah, the one that makes us like a super homeschooling family that has it all together. That one. I revamped it a little to accomodate the kids and their different subjects but it is essentialy the same.

I really want to stick with it this year. Really. When we followed it, we got so much done and we were all happier. I just don't know if we will follow it all the time. I'm okay with that-mostly. I just really want to focus on school work and getting everything done that we need to.

Can I be totally honest here? I am the one that needs the schedule. I am the one that needs to be kept on track and reminded to keep doing the things that need done. Not that the kids don't but I am the biggest culprit. That is not cool because I am the one in charge!

We homeschool because God called us to it. Did He call us to it for the kids' sake or for mine? I don't know, the jury is still out on that one. I do know that all things work together for good for them that love the Lord so I will trust that He will get us through.

So anyway...this last week was mostly Free School and getting geared up for the year. I have already posted about our churriculum choices and I think we are going to love them all. I would love to find a way to post our schedule but I just don't want to figure that out right now! heehee Next week we are going to start full on school with all the fixings. ;-)

I know that homeschooling isn't for everyone but I can't imagine any other lifestyle. Yes, I said lifestyle. It is truly a way of life that seeps into every part of your life. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love seeing them at their highs and lows. I am jealous of their time and want to be involved in the details of their lives. I love the chaos that comes from having all the kids home with me all day.

Life is good when my kiddos are home and we are laughing and learning together.


Lori said...

Well said! I'm like you..gotta have that schedule for me mostly! It's nice to know though, when I get off schedule, my kids crave education, asking me if we will have school that day. Love it.
Good luck to you and your schedule!

Unknown said...

Perfectly put!!!

Thanks for joining the Three Thinking Mothers' Blog roll. I'm on TOS Crew, too! :-)


LJS said...

Stopping by from Three Thinking Mothers. I love your last line, I have often said that myself. I think it is what ties all us homeschooling Moms together.

Theresa said...

Hi! I wanted to thank you for linking up to the Three Thinking Mothers blog roll!

I relate so well to this post. Last year was our first year and we made a lot of changes...there was a lot of learning of what would work/wouldn't work. This year I would like to keep us on more of a schedule.