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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bug, Bug, Bug

 It seems like this has been a big week for Bug.  She went with me on Monday to the follow up appt. and she was great.  We sat in the waiting room for a while so we were all getting a little antsy.  She told us she wanted to eat so we got the snacks out.  I had some animal crackers in there, which she loves, and asked her if she wanted a cookie.  I showed her the sign and then helped her do it.  She immediately did the sign on her own and kept doing it to ask for more cookies.  She's still doing it! 

Another sign we taught her is the sign for "help".  She caught onto this one almost as quickly and uses it quite frequently.  She loves to stand on our little step stools but can't quite get up there on her own.  So out come the hands and she's asking for help.  It's really too cute!

The next sign she has been using is "hot."  I only did this one a few times and she picked it up just by watching it.  She doesn't always use it correctly, though.  She calls goldfish hot just as much as steaming food.  I think she understands it, she is just trying to use all the words she knows!

She is also using the sign for cup as well as saying it.  Although she isn't liking the cup instead of the bottle at night very much!  lol  I know she will get used to it very quickly though. 

It never ceases to amaze me the things she understands and picks up right away.  Last night she wanted some of my french fries until she saw my hamburger.  I tried to get her to eat the fries and she shook her head and pointed to my burger.  I gave her a bite and she loved it.  I couldn't get her to eat any more fries. lol  She ate a good portion of my burger before eating more fries. 

Here are some sweet pics of a flower a worker at Lowe's gave her.  She thought it was pretty cool.  :)