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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One down, one to go

Sunday night we went to bed early. Okay, just the kids went to bed early. Steven and I stayed up and watched a movie. I was feeling a more than a little nervous about surgery for our 9yo.

I am a worrier by nature. I try not to but I do.

We had many, many, brothers and sisters in Christ praying for her. Gotta love the Body doing it's work.

We had to take her into the surgery center at 6am. ugh She woke up without too much fuss. The kiddo that fussed was the 6yo, Bean. She had been crying off and on for the last week just thinking about the surgery. She was bawling on Monday morning. She was so worried for her sister.

Once we got to the surgery center it was a hurry up and wait situation. We got her checked in and when they called her back her nerves started to set in. She started getting goofy. Okay, more goofy than usual! We waited for almost an hour and half for the doctors to come and see her and get her prepped. Once they finally prepped her they took her back and surgery was over in about 40 minutes. It was super fast.

The doctor said that they got a lot of gunk out of her sinus. No puss, which was good, but lots of icky stuff. The surgery went exactly like they wanted it to and she handled it really well. By the time they let us see her, she was starting to come out of the anesthesia and she was CRANKY!! She had rash on her face that was itching her something fierce. She kept trying to scratch it but would bump her nose instead. It was a vicious cycle. We finally got her calmed down and she fell asleep.

We waited quite a while for all the meds to wear off and get the okay to go home. She was crying to go home by the time they set us free. Sleep was the order for the rest of the day. We all snuggled up downstairs and watched some t.v. together. We relaxed and recuperated from the day.

Peanut is doing well and recovering nicely. She still hurts but it is getting better. Praise God that the surgery went well and that they were able to fix her sinus cavity. She actually was breathing through her nose last night. She hasn't done that in several years. It was such a beautiful sound that I cried. Tears of joy for my baby girl to finally feel well and get a good nights sleep. I am looking forward to this being behind her and having her well.

Now we have to gear up for the second surgery on Sept. 2. Then it should be smooth sailing!

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