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Monday, August 15, 2011

A few days around here...

can seem like a week.

The weekend was long but good. We got to watch our nephew jump out of an airplane. He survived and all is well. I am happy to report that I feel no desire to jump out of a completely good airplane.

Now that that is cleared up we can move on to the rest of the weekend.

Sunday was another wonderful time at church. I love our new church. Truly. It is exactly where we should be and it feels like home. The messages are straight from the Bible with no gimmick and it breathes life into my soul every week.

Monday was back to school. It went remarkably well and we were able to get most of school done before lunch. The bad attitudes didn't come into play until late afternoon! lol We ended the night with a family movie. It was a great day all and all.

If only every school day could go this well.  lol

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