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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Growing with Grammar

This year I changed up what the older three girls were doing with grammar/language.  We were using Bob Jones and none of us were very happy with it.  The grammar part was fine but we were doing other writing curriculum and so Bob Jones became cumbersome and tedious. 

So toward the end of last year I started listening to the chatter on the groups I belong to to hear what they use and like and I got an earful! lol  Everyone has an opinion based on what works for their kids.  I loved hearing the ideas and the reasons why different things worked for different families.  It gave me quite a bit to investigate.  ;-)  (that really means websites to drool over!) lol

I finally came up with Growing with Grammar.  I looked at and read the website so much that I almost memorized it.  I downloaded some of the samples and had the girls look at them.  I liked it and hoped they would as well.

They did. 

I ordered the older girls their books but decided to put Bean (1st grade) in the Bob Jones book.  I'm not sure why now, though.  The older girls are really enjoying Growing with Grammar.  There are no arguments over doing their grammar work each day.  They just do it!  That is enough to sell it for me.  heehee

Now as for the 1st grader...she is going to be through with her Bob Jones book before Christmas and then I think I may order her a set of Growing with Grammar as well. 

That is if I can save up enough money in my school budget! lol


berrypatch said...

I'm eyeing this product as well. Hmmmm....maybe we can get them to be a vendor for the Crew. ;-)

The Bertone's said...

We have been using this for a year, and into our 3rd week for this year. My kids love it, and usually ask to do grammar first. They are not huge writers either and this gets them to write.