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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh My Word

Homeschooling is an adventure in more ways than one.  I love the journey.  I love watching my children learn new things and feel the fire of learning kindled within themselves. 

It is such a privilege for me to be a part of this journey with them.


Sometimes the journey is a little painful. 

Like today.

This year my oldest is doing Algebra 1.  Can I say right now that I am terrible at math.  Really terrible.  I flunked Algebra 11 in high school because I hadn't learned anything about fractions or decimals.  You can't really do math without knowing those two things.  lol

So, I am learning along with the girls.  Normally I don't mind it and in fact I find it exhilarating to learn the things now that I should have when I was younger.

But Algebra 1 honestly terrifies me. 

I am not sure how I am going to be able to help our girls learn this subject.  Steven is very good at math and I know he can help them learn Algebra and higher but it is my job and I want to be able to fulfill that job. 

Today was the first test for me.  Algebra 1.  Sunshine watched the Math u See video and was stumped.  She knows that I did not learn math in school so she was going to wait for her Dad.  That ruffled my feathers a bit and my pride was wounded so I told her we were at least going to try. 

We read through the lesson and worked through the problems they were showing us.  We did pretty good until a certain point and then we were stumped.  One of the problems we just couldn't solve.   We kept coming up with a different answer.  grrr

We decided to move on to the lesson to see how we fared. 

I'm proud to say that we did pretty well.  We only got stumped on two problems.  Steven quickly explained those when he got home.  (he instantly knew how to do it and where we made our mistakes.  yes, I was pretty red-faced!)  I am sure that tomorrow will go much more smoothly.  ;-)

I feel quite a bit of pride at having worked through the lesson.  That and the fact that Sunshine actually understood what I was teaching!! roflol

1 comment:

Kristine said...

So the math lesson went so well that you just had to see what would happen with a bike ride to the library!

I dreaded algebra, but it was good. However, I'm waiting with Trevor for another year because I couldn't take doing algebra two years in a row.

Now I'm worried about geometry.