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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What is THAT??

Tonight for dinner my oldest and I made fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, sugar snap peas, corn, and bread and butter.  It was a delicious meal  if I do say so myself!  I wasn't sure if Bug would like it because she has been feeling sick but we tried it just to be sure.

She looked at the noodles and chicken at first like it was a foreign invader on her tray but then she tasted it and we couldn't get her to stop eating!  She had at least four helpings of fettuccine and corn and wanted more.  We had to cut her off when her poor little tummy was too tight for her to bend over. lol

Actually the only way we got her out of her chair was to tell her she was going to take a bath.  She LOVES taking a bath!  I got her diaper off but didn't wash her up too much since she was just getting in the water anyway.  She sat down eagerly and started playing immediately.

I didn't realize there was a problem until she started grunting and moving her legs away from something that was in the water.  I looked but didn't see anything until I looked closer.  Every time she moved her legs the item in the water moved also.  She kept grunting and moving and the "thing" kept was so funny.  I finally stopped laughing long enough to pick the offending material out of the water.

It was two kernels of corn!!  roflol  It was completely wigging her out!  I pulled it out of the water and threw it away but Bug wouldn't be comforted until Maggie, the dog, came in and checked things out.  Bug yelled and yelled, "Daggie" which is Bug speak for Maggie until she came in the bathroom.  After Maggie came in, sniffed around, and walked out Bug was able to play and have fun.

And boy did she have fun.  She loves to put her face in the water and blow bubbles, slide around and splash the water on me.  She especially likes doing that!

After her bath she likes to have a baby massage.  Now, I don't do it as well as Aunt Bobbie but Bug allows me to fill in.  ;-)  She gets baby lotion and a massage and then we snuggle.  That's the part I like best.  Tonight she stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled up tight.  After a few minutes she started kissing my cheeks, first one and then the other.  She just kept kissing me and snuggling me.  It was too precious and made me want to cry.  What an honor to have the love of this little girl.


Kristine said...

Sounds like such a lovey and sweet night!! :)

chillywilly said...

I do give good baby massages. Give everybody my love.