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Monday, October 31, 2011

TOS Review First Form Latin

When my oldest was in second grade or so I had someone ask us about homeschooling.  They weren't really interested in homeschooling they were just interested in grilling us.  They asked all kinds of questions but the one that stuck with me was, "Do you teach Latin?"  I was flabbergasted.  Of course I didn't, why would I need to teach Latin?  I asked if they were teaching it in their children's public school and they said no but they had heard that it was a good idea.  ;-)

huh, interesting.  I have often thought of that conversation over the years but especially when we started doing Latin in our homeschool! lol

Since those early years I have discovered the importance of Latin and truly want our girls to learn it well.   Fortunately with The Crew I have had many opportunities to try different curricula and have found ones to fit each our daughters' learning styles.


This time I was ever so lucky to be selected to review First Form Latin from Memoria Press.

First Form’s grammar-first approach focuses on grammar forms and vocabulary because those are the grammar stage skills suitable for the grammar stage student. However, the First Form Series is for students of all ages because all beginners, regardless of age, are in the grammar stage of learning. Syntax (how to use the grammar) and translation are logic and rhetoric stage skills, respectively, and quickly overwhelm the student unless they are introduced at a slow, gentle pace and taught for mastery. First Form is the ideal text for all beginners, grades 5 & up, or is a great follow-up to Latina Christiana I at any age. Now every school and homeschool can have a truly successful Latin program that creates Latin scholars rather than Latin drop-outs.


After mastering First Form, the student will have a solid grasp on the six indicative active tenses of the first two verb conjugations, five noun declensions, first and second declension adjectives, and 185 vocabulary words.
Features include:

  • Designed for students and teachers with no Latin background
  • 8x8 inch Student Text, small, concise, unintimidating with 34 two-page lessons on facing uncluttered pages
  • Limited vocabulary of 185 words
  • Full-size Student Workbook with 4-6 pages of exercises per lesson
  • Vocabulary derivatives and detailed explanations of Latin sayings
  • Grammar catechism for daily rapid-fire review
  • Milestone markers for each grammar objective
  • Everything-you-could-possibly-need teacher manual
    • Organized for easy access
    • Student Text inset with answers in color
    • Chalk-talk scripted lessons
    • Recitation schedule
    • Pronunciation reminders
    • Workbook with key
    • Unit tests and lesson quizzes booklet
    • FYI section for extra background
There is a little bit about it from Memoria Press's website but here's what we think about it.

We love it!  I had my 12yo who is in 7th grade use it and it totally fit her learning style.  The combination of the DVD, workbooks and student text allowed her to be on her own to a greater degree which gave her confidence in her abilities.  She loves the size of the Student Text.  It is a little smaller than the workbook which makes it the perfect size for holding when reading it or scanning through it to find answers for the workbook.


I love the Teachers Manual and how it is written.  Since I don't already know Latin I need something that is easy to understand and implement.  This is.  I have been able to answer her questions and direct her on how to find her answers.  That is pretty valuable to a busy homeschooling momma that has kids spread out over five different levels of leaning.  Know what I mean?

Watch this video and see what you think.

First Form Latin is a great program.  It is designed to be used after Latina Christiana 1, but my student didn't have that course and is fairing just fine.  First Form is a great introductory program for older students if this is their first foray into Latin studies.  I recommend it for just that reason.  Although a 5th grader who is continuing their Latin studies would find it interesting it isn't written in a way that would make an older student feel like they were doing a "baby" curriculum.  The writers do a wonderful job of handling the possibly wide age range of students that could be doing this curriculum. 

Here are some samples for you to look at.  Here is a sample of the Student Textbook, Student Workbook, Teacher Manual, and Table of Contents.  You can also see a sample of the First Form recitation.

The First Form Latin package I received sells for $115 and includes:
Teacher Manual
Student Text
Student Workbook
Quizzes and Tests Pronunciation CD
plus Flashcards and DVDs

You can also buy a package without the DVD's and Flashcards for $55.  OR you can buy the individual items that you need.  All of that information is listed on their website.  Check the right hand side of this page for all the options.  I really do recommend the DVD's though, they really help give a visual/audio component to the learning. 

Check it out for yourself and you'll see what I mean.  In the meanwhile if you want to find out what other Crew Members thought of First Form, head on over to The Crew Blog and check them out.


**I was given a set of First Form Latin from Memoria Press through The TOS Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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Doreen said...

I was so happy to be able to review this program! Latin makes my head spin though LOL I'm visiting from the crew and I'm a follower :)