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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Always Playing Catch Up

I'm behind and catching up with blog posts because that's how I roll! lol It's not how I *want* to roll but life is just whipping my hiney at the moment. Nothing bad going on just living life with five kiddos. :-)

So, what has been going on? Well, we had soccer games on Saturday. Sunshine "traveled" across town for hers and they had a tie game. We only had 9 girls show up and had to borrow two from the other team. We held our own really well considering the other team has beaten everyone they played. Their coach kept yelling, "You should not be losing to this team." Yes, at one point we were ahead and would have won if the sideline ref had been paying attention. The other team went to score and was off sides. No, they really were! But the sideline ref was about 9yo and was gazing off into the unknown. Oh well, our team did a great job and had a good time.

But, what I loved most was the other teams' players that played for us commented how nice our girls were to them and actually talked to them and made them feel like part of the team. That is what I love to hear!

Bean's game was not so touchy feely. The other team ran the score up 11-1. Yeah, they are 6-8yo. What coach runs up the score like that on such little girls in a non-competative league? Good grief. Bean had a good time and played her hardest so we are pretty pleased. She was able to focus on what she did right and we love that!

After the games, Steven went with his brothers to a Dallas Cowboys football game. It is a yearly trek just for the guys. The girls and I decided to have some major girl time and went over to our in laws house. There were way too many girls and only 1 little guy in the house. It was an evening filled with great conversation and yummy food. :)

Sunday we vegged out completely. And it was lovely. It was a truly restful Sunday with my girlies.

I will try to update the rest of the week later today. ;-)

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