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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend happenings

Well, the weekend is over.  We had a rather big weekend planned but it didn't pan out quite the way I expected it to.  Friday night my sister, Robin, came over.  We had to go to soccer practice and then home for some nachos and t.v.  Saturday morning started early with Steven and the guys working on the fence.  We are tearing down the fence between our yard and our neighbors so we can build a new one.  That work started at 8 a.m.  I had errands to run while they were doing that but somehow those plans were derailed.  I did do some sorting of books and ran around getting water for the guys but that is all that happened Saturday morning. 

Soccer games started at 1.  Our oldest had her game first.  We were playing a team we had played last year and were hoping that some of the players weren't going to be there.  They were.  :(  Our girls were playing alright but not great.  The other team scored first but we came back hard and ended up winning 4 or 5 to 1.  There were a few scuffles but generally it was a great game.  Our coach ended up having to be the ref as well but they handled it really well. 

Shortly after after the first game was underway, Steven had to take Bean to her game.  Bean's team ended up losing by two points but Bean was a BEAST during her game!  She was everywhere all the time.  She was a super defender and she scored a goal!  She was awesome!!  She had so much fun and she was so fun to watch. 

The weather was gorgeous and my sister got to see them play again.  We finished up with soccer and headed home to rest.  But only just a little because then we headed out to dinner with friends.  By the time that was over I was completely done.  I was wiped out and coughing a lot.

Sunday found me over-sleeping and so I didn't make it to church.  I just lounged around recuperating and it felt great.  Sister went home and I took a nap!  We watched a little t.v. as a family and then remembered that the girls were supposed to have gone to small groups...UGH.  We completely forgot about small groups.  grrr  I hate it when that happens.

*sigh* The evening progressed with much t.v. watching and pizza.  Everyone went to bed early in preparation for a long day on Monday. 

I love it when weekends can be restful and yet still be filled with what needs done.  It doesn't always happen that way so it's a double blessing when it does.  ;-)

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