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Friday, October 7, 2011

A few more pics

Our week has been filled with ballet class, soccer practices, theater classes, school, BSF, church events, and sickness.  Whew!  I am tired just thinking about it all. lol

Bug has had a double ear infection this week and was a little cranky to start off with but we were able to get her some meds and they helped immensely.  ;-)

She was feeling well enough to go with us to soccer practice and play in the dirt!

She had a ball just sittin' there playin'.

She was trying to bring me some dirt!!
Another great event at our house this week was playing with a shipping box.  Yup, forget the presents and just get your kids the boxes.  They will have more fun with those than the actual toys.  ;-)

There was something in the box and Bug wanted Sunshine to go in after it.

Then she got Sweet Pea to look for it.  Here, Bug is pointing and "telling" her what to do!

The week ended with her falling asleep in her chair.  It was pretty sweet.  She was eating and talking one minute and then she was asleep the next.

It has been a crazy busy week but a good one.  School is trucking along and we are finally getting things on track and accomplishing what we need to.  Most days anyway!

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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I love the last shot of Bug asleep in the highchair. She gave her all!