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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

It's not my celebration but Susanne's over at Living to tell the Story.  It is her 100th post of Friday's Fave Five.  100 posts of remembering blessings, wow!  What a great way to spend Friday's.

Here goes my list for this Friday.

1.  Family and friends.  This week I have been inundated with calls from people checking up on me.  It has been nice.  The girls keep commenting on how many friends we have and how wonderful it is that they call. 

2.  Friends bringing meals.  I can not say enough how much of a blessing this is.  For me as well as my family.  I think they would get tired of sandwiches for every meal!  And we are getting some new ideas and recipes, double bonus!!

3.  Modern medicine.  How wonderful that God gave men the wisdom to figure out what is wrong with our bodies and do something about it. 

4.  My dear, wonderful husband.  When any of our dds are very sick or have procedures done he brings them a stuffed animal.  Well, after my surgery he didn't want to get me a stuffed animal so he got me...SHARPIE PENS AND HIGHLIGHTERS!!!  He knows what I love!  ;-D

5.  I did not die.  I know that sounds silly but this surgery had me kind of freaked out.  I was very worried about dying and leaving my kids w/o a mom.  I couldn't imagine my 5yo growing up and not really remembering was making me very anxious.  But, God answered my prayers and let me stay with my beautiful dds and wonderful dh.

If you want to participate this week and list some of God's blessings, head over to Susanne's at Living to tell the Story and add your name.


Danielle Leigh said...

Hello, just stopping by from Friday's Fave Five. I have the same header as you, but just changed mine up a bit! I love sunflowers!

Danielle Leigh

Laura O in AK said...

I don't think being grateful to making it through surgery is a great blessing. So glad you not only faired well, but that you have local people helping during your recovery.

Brenda said...

It is nice when you go through a hard time and then people reach out to you and your realize how much people actually care for you. Glad you are doing well.

Cindy said...

Now that the operation has passed.... I won't go there and I'm glad you are doing well.

Friends who stop by with a pot luck are special

Kari said...

very happy that surgery went well for you. God is good.
I love school supplies too - sharpies and highlighters!!
isn't it wonderful to be blessed with so many thoughtful and caring friends.
Happy weekend!!

Karyn said...

So glad your surgery went as expected. I don't think it is silly to be thankful to not die during a does happen sometimes.

What a sweet man you have, to bring you exactly what makes you happy - it would have been so much easier to bring flowers.

Caring friends are a blessing. Glad you've got so many!

Susanne said...

Once you have kids, I think all us Mom's would have those thoughts running through our minds. So glad your surgery is done and you are on the road to recuperation. What a blessing to have friends making meals for you. That is a big burden off a mom's mind.

I smiled when I read what your hubby bought you. That was just really sweet him buying you something he knew you personally would love.

Thanks for participating in FFF!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

So glad your surgery is over and all went well. And how thoughtful of your hubby to bring what you love!

Keep healing and have a great week!

Jaeyde said...

what a blessing that your husband knows you well. :) mine has gotten me gifts like that and they are my very favorite!

and friends who swoop in to help share the load are a blessing more than words can say.