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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

Here's another week of favorites.

Susanne over at Living to tell the Story hosts this weekly meme and I am loving it more and more every week. 

My list this week is a little harder to think of because it has been a hard week.  In more ways than one.

1. For medical doctors that have know my family for YEARS.  B, our oldest, had symptoms of appendicitis this week and I took her in.  Our do wasn't there but there was a doc there that had been at her delivery.  He has a great rapport with her and treated her with respect as a patient.  btw She didn't have appendicitis but doesn't want me to say what it ended up being.  (Sometimes being a girl is pretty awful.)

2.  A "quick" fix for pain.  I am having surgery on Monday to remove my gallbladder and the many large stones therein.  I am glad.  I am in constant pain and it is getting old.  I would almost rather have a calcium crisis so that I could take something for it! lol How's that for illogical thinking?

3.  My newly 11 yo dd and her friends.  We hosted a sleep-over last night for her bday and I just love my dd and her friends.  They allowed me to listen to their conversations and asked my opinion on things.  They let me do their hair and make-up and complemented my waffles!  I remember being eleven; I didn't have friends like these.  Ones that love the Lord and are good influences.  Not that mine were bad; they were just different. ;-)

4.  The ability to delay our start time for school to when we can manage it.  I love the flexibility of home schooling.  We were going to start on Monday, but plans changed when surgery was scheduled so we delayed it a week.  No problem and nobody pushing us to get out the door.  Niiice!

5.  Family and friends volunteering to help after my surgery.  I love the community I am in and the support they offer.  What a blessing to be on the receiving end-but I would rather be on the giving end of this one!

So, there is another week of blessings.  Do you have some you want to share?  Head on over to Susanne's and link up.  I can't wait to read yours.


Karyn said...

Yes, the homeschooling lifestyle is the best. Hands down.

You are blessed to have friends and family to help after surgery - and I hope that goes real well for you!

Good friends for your children is a huge blessing!

Susannah said...

Happy FFF! You are well-loved and blessed. Sounds like your life is full of (mostly) good things... especially 11 year-old girls who like waffles! Trusting your surgery goes well...


e-Mom @ Chrysalis & Susannah's {Kitchen}

Cindy said...

Good luck on Monday.

I was always relaxed homeschooling and the schedule was mine and it works so well.

Glad to hear you have all kinds of support this week

LISA said...

I will be praying for you on Monday. My sister-in-law is scheduled for a sonogram to check for stones in her gallbladder. If you have people wanting to help you next week you will be well taken care of.

When things like this happen the first thing I always say, "This is why I homeschool", OK, not completely but it is a good reason.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Praying your surgery goes well and you recover quickly. How great that you have such a close community to help you.

Your description of a girls' sleepover made this mom of four boys a bit green with envy...

And I wish I could delay the start of school! Have a great week.

Kari said...

I admire homeschooling moms - I don't think I could do it.
Hope the medical issues are all sorted out and hope your surgery went well.
happy week.