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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rest easy, Moms. Help is on the way!

So, because I am part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew I have been given the opportunity to participate in a contest involving The Old Schoolhouse Planner.  The sent me a Planner to look at, play with, and then write an add for it.  And yes, there is a prize involved!

No pressure!

It would be extremely difficult if the planner wasn't so amazing! Seriously, it is jam packed with forms, information, ideas...

If you are like me, you could use a little more organization in your life and all the help you can get.  I love planning but am a little disorganized about it.  It becomes too confusing to have to go searching for all the different forms I need so I give up.  More frustrated than when I first started. 

Not any longer.  The Old Schoolhouse Planner is about to change all that!  This planner has more than 500 pages, can you believe it?  I couldn't when I was downloading it.  The page number just kept going up and up and I couldn't imagine what could be filling all of those pages.  My excitement was building.

Then I started scrolling through all of those pages and felt the relief flooding through me.  Not only was there every kind of form I could think of for homeschooling, there were pages for organizing my household, articles on topics such as home school co-ops, books and even one for Dads!  Each month is separated into sections with it's own articles, recipes, Schoolhouse Store Resource Lists, and ideas to incorporate into your family and school. 

Some of the forms included are:

Calendar pages for 2010-2013   84 recipes
24 articles, 2 for each month   24 must-know lists + those from previous years
High school transcript forms   Party planning form
Multi-age journaling and nature journal pages   Weekly and daily schedules
Co-op planning forms   Assignment and attendance charts
Book report forms, including elementary pages   Grocery and menu planners
Schedules for two, three, four, or five children to a page, with options for any number   Alphabet writing charts for copywork—print, cursive, and italic
Website login/password reference sheet   Bible study notes
Budget records   Christmas card list
Home care and maintenance forms   Alphabetized address list
Schoolhouse Store resource lists   Science lab sheet
Twelve-year planning pages   High school hours tracking log
Books read this year   Extracurricular activities log
Unit study form   Report cards
And amazingly, there are still plenty more!   
Sound good? It is!  Those aren't even all of them. There are too many to list, you will just have to buy one and see for yourself.  ;-) 

The articles are timely and helpful. Here is a sampling of what is included:

July—Malia Russell helps with organization.
August—Carol Topp, CPA, shares with us about support groups.
September—Heidi St. John encourages us with an article on burnout.
October—Christopher Wright has math help.
November—Ed and Amy Pak are awesome with history.
December—Renee Walker shares on foreign language.
January—Brian Richardson has insight on computers.
February—Molly Green explains more about gluten-free eating.
March—Daniel Schwabauer, M.A., expounds on writing.
April—Jeannie Fulbright describes notebooking.
May—Maggie Hogan shares information on geography.
June—Martin Cothran writes on logic.
And that’s just half of it! Every month includes two articles. You’ll enjoy twelve more!      

There are also supplemental pages to use.  They include things that I usually have to search for and waste time with.  Things like:

Timeline of events in Christ’s life.   Sites to help organize your home.
Modern art movements.   Newbery & Caldecott Medal winners.
Scientists & their discoveries.   Canadian events.
Famous special needs people.   Online education sites.
Cooking gluten- & dairy-free.   Writing prompts.
Animal classification.   Bodies of water.
Study of logic.   And much, much more!  

And Cloud Types, Kitchen Conversion Cheat Sheet, and oh so many more.

If you are struggling to get more organized or find the forms that would simplify your life, look no further.  The Old Schoolhouse Planner is the one for you.  From one homeschool mom to another, this has all of the planning sheets we need in one place to help us harried mom's find peace of mind.  We can relax knowing that we have what we need to educate our children and take care of our families successfully.

Stop on by The Old Schoolhouse and buy yours today!

**I received a copy of The Old Schoolhouse Planner in order to participate in this ad campaign.  I was not compensated in any other way for my advertisement.

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