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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Rocky Start

We were supposed to start school on the 9th, that would be this last Monday.  You know, the day I ended up having surgery?  Yeah well, that didn't happen!  Since we never really quit doing school through the summer, I wasn't too worried about it.  But, the plans were made and the schedule was "set" and so it irritated me a bit! lol

But since there is freedom in homeschooling, I just moved the plans back a bit and poof it's fixed! 

This last week we did start spelling.  I am review for The Crew and the girls are loving it!  We may continue with it after the review period is over-they are asking to anyway!!  (the review is coming soon)  We continued with math and are trying to get get caught up after my illness last fall. 

Then, our oldest B started her science curriculum.  She is doing Apologia's General Science and she is already LOVING it!!  I let her do the first weeks assignments over the course of two weeks so that she could get used to doing so much on her own.  She has already completed several experiments and is starting to take ownership of it.  :-D

On Monday we will start the rest of our studies including Tapestry of Grace, Latin, Botany(finishing up from last year and then on to Astronomy), Language/English, that all?  It seems like there is more but I can't think of it right now! haha  I guess come Monday, I will find out won't I? lol

What are you doing for school?  Have a post about it?  Let me know, I love to snoop and see what others are doing!


Kristine said...

Love hearing about the General Science. When Holly was little, I looked at that book and dreaded science for years to come. I looked at it again about a year ago, and I thought, wow, she could've done that!

I'm starting to pull out books and begin writing a schedule . . . We've schooled most of the summer too.

Leat said...

I am using the spelling city with Jacob. What a great resource!

i cant decide said...

I hope your recovery is fast and easy! My son will be starting apologia's general science this year so it was nice to hear that your daughter likes it.