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Saturday, August 7, 2010

We do things differently

It's no secret that our family is a little different than most.  We don't do things the way that most of the world does.  I am okay with that.  Until...

My kids are hurting because of it. 

At a recent sleepover my dd was in tears many times because a girl  was texting during her party.  Okay, I hate that myself and I'm a grown-up; I can't imagine being a kid and having to deal with that.  Then I have to say that they are eleven years old-what do they have to text about that can't wait?  It is so rude to be talking to someone and then start texting someone else.  It is a phenomenon that should never have been allowed.  Good manners dictates that you devote your attention to the person you are with unless it is an emergency.

It is hard for our kids to do without the 'stuff' that the world says is valuable.  We don't do cell phones for kids.  Why?  Who are they going to call?  Seriously?  If one of our kids had a job and was away from us then we might get them one to borrow while they are out.  Or if they went to one of the ginormous schools around her, we might consider it.  I just don't see that my kids that are homeschooled have any need for a cell phone.

That is what we have decided, for our family, it is not a judgment on any body else's family choices.  That is until they start affecting my kids.  When kids come into my house and make my children feel bad because they don't have a superfluous item then I have a problem with it.

I don't want my children to feel the consumerism of needing to have things just because others have them.  I intentionally don't buy brand name clothes because I think they are ridiculous.  Now, if we find them at the Goodwill store for two bucks, I'm okay with that until my kids will only buy the brand name because everyone else has them.  Then I say no and we talk about why they want them. 

Can you tell we are struggling with influences from the world?  Even being homeschoolers, we feel it.  I want my children's heart turned towards Christ not things.  I want them to find value in who they are not what they have.

I'll get off my soapbox now and eat some chocolate!


Amanda said...

I can't imagine how hard it is. We have not reached that point yet with DD being only 3, but I do not want her to be consumed with the need to have things. God has been stubbornly leading us towards a simpler life LOL...and I feel we are finally accepting, and I am glad we are before DD gets older and has to adjust. Good luck!

momma24 said...

It is hard, Amanda. We strive to keep the girls centered on Christ and others above themselves; the world is just such a strong influence.

Lorie said...

God bless you in your journey. Stay strong no matter the cost! I didn't. I let the world creep in and now, with teens, regret it so deeply.

Praying for your strength and peace.

My Sanctuary Moments said...

My only response is AAAAMEN!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

We do it differently over here too :-)

We had a neighbor kid ask my oldest (age 11) when he was getting a cell phone....without missing a beat, he told the kid "when I have a job and can pay for it myself". Right on!!!

It kills me to hear people use the line 'homeschoolers aren't socialized' when we walk into their Wedsnesday night Missionettes/Royal Rangers classes and my kids are the ONLY ones NOT texting --- they would rather speak to you face to face. Ironic eh?

Keep on doing things differently - maybe we will start a revolution ;-)