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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What was I thinking?

The weather was so beautiful on Wednesday that I thought it would be a great idea to go for a walk.  But why waste time on a meaningless walk when we had so much to do?  The answer...walk to the library to return our books and pick up more.  We could count it as a Field Trip and P.E.  


Everyone found their backpacks, loaded them up with the books that were probably late, put on our sneakers and started merrily on our way.  Now, we walk often around our neighborhood and ride our bikes to soccer practice more often than not; so this didn't seem like that big of deal.  After all, it only takes a few minutes to get to the library when we drive--how hard could it be?

We finally leave the house after much gnashing of teeth cooperation and harmony and start our trial journey.  The time: 9:20am.

After turning a few corners and leaving our neighborhood I look ahead to the first major intersection and am frightened by what I see-the light so far away.  It looks miles away.  On top of that N-our 5yo did not wear sneakers like I demanded encouraged; she wore pretty (useless) flip-flops.  Niice.

We finally made it to the corner and that's when I knew...I was in way over my head!  But, instead of admitting defeat and turning around, I lied white-washed the situation and told them that we were almost half-way there. 

With no end in sight and my load becoming heavier and heavier, I whined asked the girls to carry some of the books.  We split them up and my load was lighter; for about two blocks.  The whining started again-mine not theirs.  They are young and in shape; I am old and not in shape.  What did they have to complain about?

A lot, actually!

About this time I called my dear, sweet husband and told him what we were accomplishing attempting when he promptly told me that we were crazy a little too ambitious.  His next words were straight from the wonderful husbands handbook: "Call me if I need to come and get you."  I love that man!

We finally arrived at the next major corner and looked in the direction of the library when my youngest exclaimed, "I can't even see it!"  Yeah, I know me either.  But let's focus on the positive here, okay?  This time we really were half-way there. 


We were pretty much done.  We kept walking with the thought that we would get to the library and call Steven to come and rescue us.  That was the only thing that kept us me going.

We made it to the library at 10:30am.  Yup, you read that right.  Awful disgusting sad, isn't it? 

The library was a welcome haven until they told me how much the fines were and then I couldn't wait to get out of there.  The threat suggestion to never check out books or movies again might have been mentioned by the newly blistered momma.  But, I can't be sure because I wasn't really paying attention.  I was calling Steven and getting frustrated because he wasn't answering his phone.  What was he doing anyway, working? sheesh!

I finally decide that we have to start for home; so we set off.  It was 10:55am. Is it possible for the way home to be longer?  Well, it was.  Seriously.  We only made it a few blocks when the kids started dropping like flies sitting down in protest.

See her in the distance?  She sat down and waited for us.  You can't see it in the distance because it is too far away; but the corner is up there somewhere!
We are getting closer to her!
But another one dropped...
She was moaning and gasping for air.  I thought someone would call 911 on us!
So not happy with her momma.  ;-)
Just being silly because she was so tired.
She didn't want to go on.  Come to find out, her shoes were too small!
Pretty much done.  'Nuf said.
We trudged onward toward the intersection and the Dillons that was just on the other side of it.  We were stopping no matter what.  I had bribed promised the kids a treat for their good somewhat okay behavior and I just wanted to stop walking.  I was such a good desperate mom that I bought them all their own sodas!  AND candy.  Then I thought of ice I found some ice cream sandwiches that only had six in a box and bought them.  Turns out two of the kids didn't want any so the other three of us inhaled ate their sandwiches as well as our own. 

Ice cream, warm weather, and extreme physical distress does not equal happy tummies.  Add soda to that and you have a volatile mix!  At 11:40am we started walking limping along again.  We I wanted to quit.

But we had to keep going because we 'almost half-way there'!  As the high of sugar wore off, the complaining started again.  Mine, not theirs.

A few blocks later, the girls started falling onto the grass whenever there was a shady spot.  I was afraid if I sat down that I would never get back up!  We kept walking at a snails pace.  I know it was a snails pace because an extremely old man on an ancient bike whizzed past us like we were standing still.  :(

We finally saw 'our corner' and more than a few "Thank you, Jesus's" flew about.  We were spurred on by the sight of the road leading to our street.  It was short-lived.  The corner seemed to get farther away the more we walked.  But we finally made it.  To the corner.  And almost didn't make it up the little hill on the other side.  It was just so high!

After the corner it is three extremely long blocks to our turn.  I think I got two more blisters on that stretch of road alone. 

Our corner came into view and we were eating up the pavement at one step every minute and a half.  The 5yo asked if we were ever going to get home.  I wasn't sure.

It didn't feel like it.  And even if we made it home, would we be able to walk normally after this?

We did make it home, barely, and we all collapsed onto couches, chairs and the floor.  No one even ate.  Twenty minutes after we made it through the door, at 12:45pm, two of four were asleep and the other two were on their way. 

By the way, it was 5.2 miles and we haven't walked normally since!


Unknown said...

I enjoyed this post SO MUCH!! I use to be in THE BEST shape. After baby number 3 at 39years old... well I'm NOT any more. I too must take the walking back up.

berrypatch said...

I just made my boys go for a walk with me today. We managed 2 miles. It took us an hour. I can't even imagine doing 5! I was pushing a double stroller and it's uphill all the way home. Ok - it's really only uphill the last 1/2 mile but it sure felt like 2! :-) LOVE all the photos! And this is excellent considering you just had surgery!!!!

momma24 said...

Lisa, Steven was so mad at because I had just had surgery! It wasn't such a great idea after all. :)

Tiffany said...

Man, this was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time! And partly because I've soooo been there!