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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Acknowledging the Truth

Our Pastors gave a tag team sermon this weekend on 2Timothy 3. It was a wonderful sermon. I just got hung up on one of the verses!

It is verse 7b. Verse 7 is talking about the Godless people in the last days and what they will be like. The second part of the verse says that they are "always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth."

This really stuck with me. I had to wonder if that is what I do. I learn and learn all that I can about the Bible, Bible times, etc; but, am I making it heart knowledge? Am I acknowledging the Truth? Do I only know in my head Who God is or do I have a relationship with Him that acknowledges Him for Who and What He is?

Also, what truth are they acknowledging? If Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life; then are they not able to acknowledge Jesus as God? If they can't acknowledge Jesus, they have no real hope of acknowledging God. Jesus said that if you have seen Him, then you have seen the Father. The word truth is defined as 'having fidelity to the original'. Meaning the same as. Jesus is the truth because He is the 'same as' God.

I found this verse to be a little scary. And very convicting. It has made me stop to analyze why I am doing Bible Studies or why am I learning Bible history. Am I doing it for the knowledge of the stuff? Or, am I doing it to acknowledge the Creator of it all?

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