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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I should have known!

O.K. I had these wonderful pictures of our family playing board games and card games from this morning. There were some general ones and then there were some priceless ones of dd4 using the game pieces from 'Trouble' as tips on her fingers! It was so cute! Then there were the pics of the two youngest ones playing 'Operation' while trying to cover their ears.

But, I guess that you will just have to believe me that they were cute, wonderful, and precious. Because when dh and I went to transfer them to the computer, they vanished into the abyss. I am trying not to be to down-hearted about it, I still have the memories! Right? Of course, right!

Excuse me whilst I cry for a moment....All right, I am done now.

I should have known that this is how it would go when I signed up to post a picture a day! Oh Well.

Now for the pics that I am going to post today.

This is dd4. She was given a locket full of this wonderful bluish/purple lipgloss. She loved it and wore the necklace constantly. Unfortunately she hasn't learned the fine art of applying just a touch of lipgloss. This has turned her lips and surrounding area a light shade of blue. But, it has Cinderella on the cover so that makes everything okay!

This is the 'blizzard' we just had about a week ago. It was wonderful! We had so much fun watching it fall and measuring the drifts. Our front porch eventually had a 2ft. snow drift on it and we couldn't even see the step leading up to it. It was a winter wonderland.

Well, hopefully tomorrow my computer won't eat my pictures. We can always hope can't we?


Laura said...

I'm sorry you lost your pictures. That is so disappointing!

Your snow picture is great and I love the one of your daughter with her lip gloss. :)

Anonymous said...

ddh 4 looks beautiful in blue. I had a memory loss too. My youngest son had hours of video taped firsts and my uncle taped over it all.