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Monday, January 28, 2008

Just my luck!

I am in need of chocolate at the moment and I had my eye on a box that we bought for family night a few days ago. They were sitting on top of the entertainment center just waiting for me to enjoy them. I was getting ready to savor the milk chocolate and caramel and let their sweetness calm my frazzled nerves when I went and picked up the box.

What is this? It is a little lighter than I remember. There are still some rattling around in there, so all is well. I tip the box over into my hand so I can caress the yummy goodness with my eyes; but, wait. That is definitely not the chocolaty, caramelly treat that I was longing for.

Someone has been into my stash. This does not b
ode well for the household tonight. I am getting crankier by the minute.

Then, I see exactly what has fallen from the box into my waiting hand.

Now, I know exactly who was in my stash of mood altering goodness.

And here is the guilty party!! She was not very happy about being caught!

That's okay. I will just move on to the other stash she hasn't found, yet!


Kristine said...

Oh, that's a GREAT picture! I am sure *I'd* be the one crying though!

momma24 said...

I was crying on the inside! I just tried to stay calm and got out the emergency Rolos!!

chillywilly said...

you tell her Aunt Bobbie has some candy. She can come and see me. HaHaHaHa. luv ya sis

Chris said...

lol, she tried to cover her tracks. I hope you weren't too hard on her, look at her sweet little face.