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Monday, January 28, 2008

Food for the Day

This morning, everyone slept until about 8:15, and for my kiddos that is quite late! Since we were soo behind already, I decided to have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch so close together.

I made French Toast and we went through a loaf and a half of bread. (we do have a few left over for tomorrow!) They really like French Toast!

For supper I made Fiesta Chicken. It was a new recipe and I wasn't sure what it would be like! Everyone enjoyed it and no one complained-success!

It was a good food day here. We'll see what happens tomorrow!


Kristine said...

I'm planning to make the ground beef recipe you posted on SHS last week. I can't remember what it is right now, but I saved the post!

Laura said...

Oooh - your Fiesta Chicken looks yummy. Can you post the recipe?

Chris said...

They both look yummy!

chillywilly said...

why wasn't I invited sis?