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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Are you in need of assistance?"

As we were on our way to choir I noticed that one of our rivers/spillways had been frozen over and was starting to thaw. I wanted to stop and get pictures; but we were going to be late. So...

I waited until we were going home and I pulled off the road onto the shoulder, put the emergency blinkers on, and climbed out to walk back to take the pictures. While I was out there the Highway Patrol quickly pulled off the road.

Here is what was said.

"Ma'am, are you in need of assistance?" said with a very ster
n look on their faces - there were two of them.

"Who me, Officer?"

They did not laugh.

"No, I just really wanted to get pictures of the ice on the river!" (said with a giggle and a sheepish smile)

"We just needed to be sure that you were no
t stranded and in need of assistance." (I think that saying the word 'assistance' makes it sound more official-don't you?)

At this point I put my hand on the arm of the Officer nearest me in the car --WHY did I do that do you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!!! He could have shot me or wrestled me to the ground for aggressive behavior or something. Anyway, I put my hand on his arm like he was an old friend and said,

"Thank you soo much for stopping, I really appreciate it." Again with a sheepish grin.

They were still not amused and looked at me with those looks of theirs that say, "Don't".

They pull ed away and when I got back to the van, the girls were in a tizzy screaming that the police stopped me and one of them was actually hiding on the floor of the car!!! They thought that I was going to be arrested for taking the pictures. I almost couldn't drive because I was laughing so hard.

So, here are the pictures. And you better like
them for all that I went through to get them!!! ;)


Lisa in Jax said...

LOL I do like them! Really neat. Glad you weren't taken in for questioning.LOL

Kathy in WA said...

Look how devoted you are to the picture taking! Good job. My kids would have been panicking. :)

Laura said...

Love them! Absolutely love them! :)

Unknown said...

Okay, that is so funny! I can hear it now - "Mad-blogger-homeschooling-mom-lady arrested for shooting pictures for her blog in an unofficial pull-off zone. Story at 11."

My children would have been under the seat, too. :^)

berrypatch said...

I have boys - they would have been "Turn on the siren!" "Can we see the lights??" "Hey, Mom, can we go look at the cruiser?" LOL Great photos though!!!! ;-)

Kristine said...

Renita, you are a blogger after my own heart!!!! This story is a RIOT! I am sitting at my computer and burst out laughing. (And the really sad thing is that no one in my family even responded.)

My kids would have been on the floor too, very nervous!

I was pulled over (incomplete registration stuff when we moved) a few months ago. One of my friend's first questions was if I took a pic of the officer. I was SOOOO tempted!!!! My camera was right there, and my dd is telling me, NO, NO!!!! But since he let me off with a warning, I figured I wasn't going to push my luck!

I love your story here!!!!

momma24 said...

I am NEVER going to live this down!!! I just wish that I had a picture of the officer when I put my hand on his arm!!! HEEHEE!

chillywilly said...

Oh I love these. I would have loved to have been there to see there faces. Wonderful pictures sis.