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Friday, March 29, 2013

We Choose Virtues-Mosaic Reviews

Are you ready for another review?  This time Mosaic Reviews was given the chance to review products from a great company.

Training our children is an every moment endeavor.  Sometimes we are on track and get it right and other times it feels like we are floundering.  I know in my parenting adventure there have been times that I could have used some help in teaching my kids about virtues and character qualities we want them to have.  (okay, true confession, I still need help almost every day in this area!)

We Choose Virtues is just such a company and product to help.  I have been the lucky recipient of We Choose Virtues Virtue Flash Cards, Coloring Book, and a few other great items.  I have been blessed by this company and especially by the help they have given me.

I pulled out the Virtue Flash Cards and immediately picked one for each child to work on for the next week. Well, not the 2yo(just turned 3) although I did help her working on obeying!  I chose virtue cards for each child that had a character quality we had already been working on and handed it to them.  They were to read it, memorize the verse, and work on it throughout the week.  There was some groaning as each one read their cards but they knew it was a character quality they needed help with.

During the week with their cards when they would come to a situation where they needed to employ the character quality on their card and didn't, I would remind them to review their card.  It was a gentle and sure reminder to check their attitudes.  It worked like a charm.  They immediately remembered the virtue and changed what they were doing.


The next week we switched out cards and started working in new virtues.  I am really loving it.  Now, I will tell you that the older two were a little resistant because it is geared for younger kids.  But it is just as useful a tool for them as it has been for the youngers and they have been using them just like their younger sisters.  I do know that the creators of We Choose Virtues is working on an version of WCV for the older kids and I can.not.wait for it to come out.  We will be buying it for sure.  It is seriously going to be amazing.

WCV uses wonderful illustrations and cute, catchy names for the qualities so that kids (and parents) can remember them easily.  They are just adorable.

Isn't this adorable?

I can't recommend these products enough.  They are wonderful and so useful in helping our children become the people they were created to be.  There are lots of options when purchasing WCV.  This page has all the options and packages available.  There are Homeschool Kits, Family Kits,  Classroom Kits, Kid's Kits, and more.  Trust me, you want to spend some time on their website hunting around.  It is well worth your time.

But, if you are on a tight budget like a lot of us then here are the go-to products that are must haves.

Virtue Clues $5.50
Virtue Poster-$15
3 Rules Poster-$6

Now, I have some exciting news for you!  The creators of We Choose Virtues is offering a special discount code for the Homeschool crowd!  Through the month of April if you use the code Home20 when you buy the Homeschool Kit you get 20% off.  Isn't that fantastic?  Or if you don't need the Homeschool Kit you can use the code Virtue15 for a lifetime of 15% off your purchases.  Both are great offers but can only be used singly; they can not be combined.  When you go to check out, don't be alarmed about where to put the code.  The spot to put the code is on the LAST PAGE of the checkout process.  ;-)

Be sure to visit the website and find out just how great Heather McMillan and We Choose Virtues are.  I had the chance to speak with her and ask questions and it just made me even more impressed with them both.  Their About page is a full of useful information about the company.  If you need to contact them, this Page will get you the info you need.  You can also visit their Blog, Facebook page, and their Pinterest page.

You can also check out the Mosaic Reviews sight to see what else we are up to!  Go here to see what the other Mosaic Reviewers thought about We Choose Virtues!

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