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Friday, March 29, 2013

did I do that...twice?

today as I was standing in my living room visiting with my sister, brother, and father I fell. yeah, I know just call me Grace! i turned around to put something on the piano and the stepped back to the exact spot I had just been in and heard a loud crack.

ugh what was that? I immediately tried to move off the offending item but threw my hand out to the side and hit my wrist in the rocking chair further impeding my effort to save myself. i thrust my body forward but because I didn't know what I had stepped on I had nowhere to put my feet. I'm pretty sure I looked like a baby giraffe learning to walk! No lie.

When I finally landed my legs were splayed wide behind me with my knees almost in the splits. See, I told you it was awkward.

My wrist was scraped up and sore and my left groin muscle was sore but I was totally fine.

Until later that day. Some friends had just let our house when I turned around to head into the kitchen when I stepped out with my right foot and came in contact with the dog. she had parked herself right behind me without my knowing about it. She has an intense need to be touching me almost all the time. ugh

Anyway. I couldn't take a step to gain control of my body so I started falling. I swear it was in slow motion. Even the girls said it looked like I was falling too slowly to be real! But, I didn't want to fall on the dog snd kill her so I fell to my knees, rolled over to my hip and threw my arms out to catch myself. I ended up doing a reverse bridge over top of her completely sparing her any injury. Aren't I amazing?

I thought so too until a little while later when things started hurting. My hips started catching and sending sharp pains through my whole body, my groin muscle burned, my wrist was swollen, and my upper thigh where I landed was on fire. That made it official in my mind-I am old!

Beyond the pain from injuries there is the embarrassment from being a klutz!! *sigh*


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oneblessedmamma said...

I have a very healthy respect for gravity now that I am older. I've taken a few falls like that myself.