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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Look Who's 3!!!


Today is Bug's birthday. I can't believe she is 3yo today. She is such a blessing to us and so fantastically fun to have around. Don't get me wrong, she is like any toddler-trouble sometimes. But, she is a joy and wee love her so completely.

We marvel everyday at the thinks she says and does. She is incredibly smart. She can write most of her name by herself, knows all her colors, counts to at least 10 by herself, knows her shapes, and has a memory that is astounding. She is loving and compassionate and crazy.

Yup, she fits in pretty well here. ;-)

We have had her two years now and the time has flown by. I can't believe it has been two years. Most days it seems like two weeks. She fits in so seemlessly that we can't remember a time without her.

I am amazed that God has allowed us to be part of her life and pray we can continue being a part of it for a long time. She has changed us in ways that wouldn't have been possible without her.

Praise God for His plans and not ours.



1 comment:

Kristine said...

Happy, happy birthday to your Bug!!