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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sports and sports

Our 8yo is in gymnastics at the Y.  She has always tumbled about the house and has take some homeschool gymnastics over the years but we finally got her in a class each week.  She is loving it.  We love watching her love it! lol

She is pretty good too.  She has a natural ability for it and gets such joy from it.  It is a great thing to watch. 

But, she won't be moving on to team.  At all.  We just don't want to go that route with her or with our family.  She isn't showing any interest in competing so that helps.  ;-)  We just don't want her childhood to be lost in the gym if it is not her driving passion. 

Then we have our 15yo soccer player.  Soccer is her passion and has been for quite a while.  She started practicing for the spring season a few weeks ago with a new team.  A homeschool team.  It is awesome.  She loves the coach, her teammates, the practices.  She got her jerseys today and was squealing with delight!  She would play soccer all year long if she could. 

Theater continues for the 8 yo and 13yo and the 11yo is taking some time off right now.  She is going to take up ballet in the fall she thinks! 

Thankfully we live in an area that is rich in these opportunities and God has blessed us with the income to get them involved. 

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