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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Some days life is just harder than others.  The same is true when you homeschool.  There are days that are just plain awesome.  Ideas are flowing, concepts are clicking, attitudes are in check, and life seems perfect.  I'll admit they are sometimes far apart, these days, but they do happen.  I have great kids and for the most part they do alright at school.  They get pretty good grades and are somewhat self-motivated.

Then there are days like today.  Every 5 minutes I was having to remind someone to get back to their work.  I was having to remind them to use their best handwriting.  Stop talking.  Quit playing with the 2yo.  Sit down.  Focus.

Aaagghhh!  It was a never ending battle of keep-the-kids-focused-long-enough-to-get-just-enough-school-done-for-the-day-so-we-can-try-again-tomorrow.

We made it to lunch time, just barely, and I sent the kids out to play.  The weather was mercifully better than last week!  I was spending some quiet time in my room folding laundry and talking to my eldest when blood curdling screams tore through the air.  The first time it happened I thought they were just playing.  But then it happened several more times in quick succession and I knew something was terribly wrong. 

I ran out to the front room in time to see Bean coming in the door.  She was the one screaming.  Her wild, panicked eyes, along with the terrible screams alarmed me greatly.  She was followed by the other kids and they looked panicked as well.  When Bean finally stopped screaming I was able to ask what had happened. 

She was covering her right eye with hand.  Oh no, this couldn't be good.  Finally someone said that a snowball had been thrown and had hit her in the face. 

Oh good grief.  Is that all?  Seriously, that is not worth the DRAMA that was occurring in my living room at that moment.  I was not very happy.

I used my stern momma voice and made everyone stop talking, screaming, whimpering, or even breathing so I could see to pacifying her hurt feelings.  Yeah, I wasn't feeling very sympathetic at this point.

I finally got her hand moved away from her face and found this.

Yeah.  Okay, so maybe it was worse than I thought it was!  She had several tiny cuts on her forehead and a dent where the impact was surrounded by swelling.  Mom Award will be given out soon for this one I'm sure!  lol  I grabbed her to me and held her, loving on her.

Thankfully it hadn't hit a bit lower or this would have been posted from the hospital, I'm sure. 

Here it is 30 min. later:

I turned the flash on! heehee

And here she is at supper.  It is coloring a little under her eye and there are more cuts visible.  She is hoping for a shiner!!!

All that was from a snowball.  Granted, things are thawing here so the snow was very wet and when the 11 yo packed it to throw she must have packed it into and ice ball!  Outside play was over at that point and school was limped through for a bit longer.

We'll see what her face looks like tomorrow!


Alecia said...

Get the 11 year old snowball thrower into softball or something:-) That's a pretty amazing arm to do that lol...hope the injured is feeling better soon!! I really enjoyed how candid you were in this post, I have so had those moments when you just tell them to hush because you know they can't be hurt enough to be screaming quite so loud but then they are hurt a tad more then you think;-)

momma24 said...

Yeah, that's quite an arm isn't it? lol Thanks for your kind words. Some people like the honesty some don't. ;-)