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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Second Game

Okay, I am normally not too bad with directions. I used to be but then I grew up and figured out the questions to ask to get me the information I needed. Now, I am a pretty good navigator. Even Steven says so!

But...when it came time to find the fields for Sunshines second game of the season I messed up big time.

I thought I knew exactly where it was and how to get there. I had an email from the coach with corrected directions. We were set.

Only we weren't. We got to where I thought it was supposed to be and the street wasn't there. I mean it just wasn't there. We drove up and down the main road looking and not finding it. We finally called the assistant coach to get directions. Thankfully her mom had time to help us find the fields. We had 10 minutes before Sunshine was supposed to be there. (this team has a late policy that says if you are late to games or practices then you lose playing time. totally understand and support that. we are never late to games. never. until today.)

We talked with the mom for a few minutes, got some directions and started off on the corrected course. We turned onto the street she indicated and called her back. But we were still not finding it. She would tell us to look for a quick shop on the corner-we found it. Turned this way, did it. Still not finding it.

She finally realized that we were ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE CITY. I'm not even kidding. It was not a pretty sight in our car. Sunshine was quite upset, understandably, Steven was frustrated because I hadn't forwarded the email with the addy to him, and I was upset that I had screwed this up for my dd. No one was happy, let me tell you.

We got up on the highway and headed off-rather quickly-to the correct destination. We finally found it but was about 15 minutes late. So not cool.

Yes, Sunshine lost some playing time but she handled it well and I apologized profusely to her and later to the coach.

When she did get to play she was on fire! She did a fantastic job on defense and save a goal or two.

The team worked well together once they calmed down and started talking. They looked like they wanted it but it was still obvious that they were having fun.

We scored one goal in the first half-it was a great goal-and then two more in the second half. The other team only scored one goal bc our defense was awesome. ;-) The mid-fielders and forwards were doing a great job and kept firing off shots on the goal every chance they got. It was a great game all in all.

One of our friends that we do RFKC with was one of the refs and it was fun to watch him interract with Sunshine out on the field.

Here's what he commented on fb about the game: "She did an excellant job shutting down the best forward on the other team in the second half." Sweet!

So glad to be on this team and seeing our girl loving the game and her teammates.


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